I am currently making my way through the 30th Anniversay Masters Boxset and now on season 2 /disc 4 , hey its helping me try to quit smoking! So i was watching "SEARCH FOR THE PAST" it features King Miro..however in Filmation hes not banished to Despondos but he is prsioner I beleive of the Enchantress...now she is the opposite to the Sorceress in that she is another bird of prey..an Owl..I really like this but hate the Filmation outfit...could be much creepier realised I think and would make a great Figure too. Anyway we know that Miro is the father of Keldor and Randor, fine..we also learn from this episode that Miro and the Enchantress were bitter enemies..seeing as we have no knowlege of Keldor true mother it makes perfect sense to me that she was the woman who bore Keldor...maybe tricked him ...aka...The Red Preistess in Game Of Thrones???? maybe?? that sorta thing ...enough unsaid between her and Miro to be convincing long term enemies I think...so lets hear from the herd and see how many like this idea