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Thread: Repro capes website?

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    Repro capes website?

    So, I just got a new loose bare vintage Scare Glow...
    I did a little digging and it seems like the cape is kinda hard to come by.

    Do you know of any sites that sell them?

    I know I have seen them on ebay off and on, and there is nothing there now.

    Is selling repros frowned upon?

    any info you could provide would be greatly appreciated.


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    Hey Xantor,

    I hope selling repros would NOT be frowned upon! They're things that got lost by kids! And unlike weapons that can be easily molded, there is a different craft to assembling capes. There was a good resource I found for making figure capes (I need to make some for some Kenner Super Powers figures). If you end up trying to make one you can take a gander at mine for sizing/details!

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