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Thread: Is this Tri-Klops a reseal? Opinions needed.

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    Is this Tri-Klops a reseal? Opinions needed.


    Click here to take a look.

    I purchased this Tri-Klops yesterday and, of course, after it ended I noticed a line, or something, along the left side of the bubble. Take a look at the close up of the bend at the bottom left corner to see what I mean. It got me worried it could be glue residue.

    From what I can tell everything else looks really nice. Now I'm just a little nervous about it. I was thinking of getting it graded.

    Any help is much appreciated.

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    I'm wondering if it was glue residue, wouldn't it be noticable on the other side too? Is it possible that it's a slight crease along the card? The way it's catching the light suggests to me a card that isn't totally 100% flat. Having said this, we only have these pictures to go by, the first one there being completely useless because of how blurry it is. Being the buyer, if you receive it and it's not as described, I think you're covered by Ebay policies, yes? I hope it turns out its just a camera glare keep us in the loop!
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    Thanks. I asked the seller to look at the piece and give his opinion. He said he bought it off eBay a few years ago. He said there doesn't appear to be any marks or discoloration but there is a slight bend at that point, so maybe that's what the photo is picking up. I hope that's all there is.

    If anyone else takes a look, please give your opinion.


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    Looks legitimate to me, most reseal jobs the glue become more transparent and white around the edges of the blister.
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