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Thread: Thoughts on Evil-Lyn in the 200x series? Was she cool?

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    Thoughts on Evil-Lyn in the 200x series? Was she cool?

    I just wanted to know what people thought about Evil-Lyn in the 200x series. Was she badass? Would you have liked to have seen more about her when she was younger?

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    She was great!!! So great I made a MOTUC version of her (I'll post a picture in a few.)

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    Absolutely! The Classics and Vintage toys may be well regarded, well above 200x, but the MYP characters are above and beyond anything in Filmation or Classics storytelling.
    "I wouldn't be surprised if this movie has Adam as a skinny nerd from Earth battling another skinny nerd-hacker from Earth that used an alias of Keldor. They then enter Tron-style to a cyber world called Eternia, where they control muscle-bound avatars to battle (called He-Man and Skeletor). And these same avatars come to life and continue to battle in present-day Earth." - VZX

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