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    CJR187 Wants

    Stuff I want... Transformers, vintage TMNT, vintage MOTU and several other lines

    For the figures, they dont need to be complete as long as nothing is broken.



    Mp-10 repro labels
    Xovergen Trailerforce
    G1 Optimus Prime ko/reissue with gold chrome
    G1 Prime cab with red feet
    2x G2 Prime red missiles
    Powermaster Prime cab, head, 2 black guns, 2 grey guns, Hi-q
    Robot heroes optimus primal
    Robot heroes Optimus prime(G1 with matrix in his hands)
    Decoy optimus prime
    Beast Wars 2 Lio Convoy
    Star convoy
    Revoltech G1 optimus prime
    Revoltech Movie Prime
    Revoltech jetwing movie prime
    Energon Wing Saber to combine with Prime
    Machine wars optimus prime hand gun and trailer door
    Energon optimus prime hand gun
    Action Master Prime
    Beast wars 10th anniversary Deluxe Optimus primal
    Animated wing blade Optimus Prime
    bobble head g1 Prime
    Cybertron Leader Prime handgun and leg cannons
    Happy meal Energon Prime
    KFC DOTM Prime
    Optimus Primal mini figure that came with the Orcanoch Micro Playset from Beast Wars
    Transforming Optimus prime watch(g1 version)
    Gashapon Animated prime
    Knight Morpher Prime(red and blue)
    Supreme Tactical Commander Grand Patriot(red)
    Eggtimus Prime(DOTM eggbods UK exclusive)
    TFC Primars Optimus Prime
    Vintage Pepsi Prime Trailer(any variant)

    Other Transformers/Parts/Figures/Gobots

    G1 slingshot
    G1 Groove
    Masterpiece Megatron accessory kit
    Titanium Soundwave hand gun and shoulder launcher
    Masterpiece Ultra Magnus
    MP-03G ghost Starscream
    Masterpiece roller kit
    MP-11 Starscream
    MP-11S Sunstorm
    iGear Masterpiece Ramjet, Thrust, Dirge, Sunstorm, Acidstorm
    Armada Overload
    Masterpiece Acidstorm

    I am also looking for a piece for Cyberton Primus. Its the piece that when hes in robot mode looks like it swings from his butt, it completes the sphere when hes in planet mode.

    He Man/MOTU/She Ra

    Astrolion meteorb
    Beast man red arm bands
    Blade 1 sword, loin cloth
    Blast attack trigger cord
    Camo khan
    Comet cat meteorb
    Crocobite meteorb
    Dinosorb meteorb
    Dragon blaster skeletor padlock
    Dragstor ripcord
    Flying fists he man red clip, shield, spinning mace
    Gore-illa meteorb
    Hurricane hordak thunderball mace
    Jitsu sword
    King Randor gold royal staff spear
    Laser light skeletor
    Laser power he man
    Mantenna (red lever)
    Multibot 4 peg waist piece, 4 y-connector joints
    New adventures thunder punch he man accessories
    Orko magic trick
    Rotar pedestal, gears
    Saurod gun
    Screech armor, stand
    Stratos (blue backpack, red wings)
    Terror claws Skeletor red clip
    Thunder punch he man shield
    Tung lashor dragon fly crossbow
    Ty-grrr meteorb
    Slime Pit
    Land shark(need double barrel gun only)
    Grey skull accessories(turret gun, flag pole, turret gun and flag pole flat green pieces)
    Snake mountain accessories(female connector bridge piece)
    Point Dread(piece that connect to Greyskull only)
    May be interested in some other vehicles as well if the price is right
    Skeletor(armor and loin cloth only)
    Meckaneck armor
    Clawful armor

    Vintage Ninja Turtles

    Next Mutation Leo
    Sewer Swimmin Donatello
    April from the channel 6 news van(green jumpsuit)
    Battle Ready Boxin Mike
    Shogun Shredder
    Chef Boyardee Shredder
    Hot Spot
    Kala The Neutrino
    Krangs Android Body large version
    Robotic Foot Soldier
    Sand Storm
    Lieutenant Leonardo
    Machine Gunning Rocksteady
    Shogun Shredder
    Shogun Triceraton
    Pro Pilot Donatello
    Bandito Bashin Mike
    Delta Team Donatello
    Movie Foot Soldier
    Movie 3 April
    Movie 3 Kenshin
    Mighty Bebop
    Communications Specialist Leo
    Covert Specialist Raph
    Demolition Specialist Don
    Warrior Chromedome
    Warrior Metalhead Mike
    Warrior Rahzar

    Vintage Ninja Turtles Weapons and Armor

    Shogun Splinter accessories
    Movie Turtles Mike, Don belts only
    Splinter sword cane sheath
    Antrax accessories
    Make my Day Leonardo accessories
    Merdude accessories
    Monty Moose accessories
    Toon Shredder accessories


    Die cast Voltron shield only any variant or KO
    Panosh Place 3" figures Haggar The Witch, Robeast Scorpius, Skull Scavenger, Doom Commander
    Helmets for all 5 pilots


    Tex Hex belt and rifle


    Max Ray
    Ace McCloud


    mail away Mummy Mumm-ra
    mini mummy Mumm-ra and crypt coffin
    Omens Chamber/Eye Of Thundera playset with Monkian mini figure, Jackalman mini figure
    Cats Lair playset (small one)
    any other mini figures


    031b Jaded Jaguar blue armor
    Laserbeast 082 Condorassin


    Gobot Cy-kill- 1 tire and rim only
    green Cykill


    Prince Dargon
    Mantor with Raplor
    Spider Flyer



    Air Raiders

    Looking for the little figures

    Power Lords




    Change Robo/Esso Robot Racers

    Dromo(red/yellow cement mixer)
    Surf Finder(yellow vw bug)

    Food Fighters

    Taco Terror
    Fat Frenchy
    Chip the Ripper
    Short Stack
    Mean Weener
    Lieutnennant Legg
    Private Pizza
    Sergeant Scoop
    Major Munch
    Burgerdier General


    Scary Cat

    Defenders of the Planets


    Star Wars

    Ben(Obi-Wan) Kenobi with light saber in arm(light saber only)
    Chief Chirpa
    Darth Vader with light saber in arm(light saber only)
    Princess Leia in combat poncho
    Bobba Fett
    The Emperor
    Luke Skywalker with light saber in arm(light saber only)
    Speeder Bike
    Scout Walker
    WANTED... Twistoid, Slime Pit, Mantisaur, Camo Khan, Meteorbs, Loo Kee, Kowl, Mantenna(red lever) Loose and incomplete is fine with me. Feedback
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    I don't have anything to trade you but I like your tastes! Some cool forgotten 80s lines in there!
    QUEEN ANGELLA! - BLAST ATTAK! - Buzzsaw Hordak - Dragstor - Flying Fists He-Man
    Lazer Light He-Man - Lazer Light Skeletor - MULTI-BOT! - NINJOR! - Peekablue
    Perfuma - Rotar - Saurod - SSSQUEEZE! - Terror Claws Skeletor - Twistoid

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    Anyone have anything from my list?
    WANTED... Twistoid, Slime Pit, Mantisaur, Camo Khan, Meteorbs, Loo Kee, Kowl, Mantenna(red lever) Loose and incomplete is fine with me. Feedback
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