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Thread: Wanted to Buy: Elusive She-Ra Parts

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    Wanted to Buy: Elusive She-Ra Parts

    I'm looking for a few hard-to-find She-Ra parts:

    -Purple Entrapta shield
    -White Butterflyer butterfly accessory (just the part that sits in the hands of the carrier) - Got it!
    -Bubble Power She-Ra sword
    -Arrow saddle (I have the wings, just need the saddle) - Got it!
    -Silver Storm mask
    -Spinnerella backpack/stand
    -Towel from Crystal Falls

    None of these items have to be mint or perfect, just in overall good shape for display and not broken.

    Please PM me if you have any of these items that you're willing to sell, and thanks!

    *Updated with latest wants and haves.
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