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Thread: Quarterly shipping option for 2014 sub

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    Quote Originally Posted by InspectorZartan View Post
    This doesn't seem right. I just did a similar comparison with my order (2 MOTU subs and 1 DC shipped USPS Ground) and based on the numbers the system was giving me it looks like I only saved $3 per quarter going quarterly. Hmmmm.... I mean as usual all the shipping prices seem inflated, but it seems like the quarterly shipping is particularly so.

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    Also, I was surprised by the fact that if you sign up for the quarterly option they put a hold on the entire quarter's worth of figures. I realize that extra charge drops off in a couple of days, and in my case it's fine because I have plenty of money sitting in that account, but I could see this become an issue for some people if they were only had enough money free to cover the sign up fee.
    Quote Originally Posted by He-Dad View Post
    I chose monthly cause after playing around with it I found that not only was I not going to save any money, but it looked like quarterly was gonna be a little more and then I'm also getting a big hit every 3 months rather than the spaced out little hit which is easier to budget. The big thing was not saving anything and having to wait longer to get my I chose monthly. I can see it saving International people (although maybe not after customs)....but it don't save me in Wisconsin.

    Huh. Well, as long as it's not just me, I guess I'll sign up for monthly. I guess the quarterly option is really only for international buyers or people who only get one sub. Good to know. I like getting my figures monthly anyway, so that's cool. Just wanted to make sure I wasn't missing an opportunity to save money on shipping.

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    Well I have just discovered that it doesn't work for me too. Even counting custom charges monthly shipping with international post (not DHL) is even cheaper than quarterly international post. And with DHL quarterly is slightly less than monthly so there is no big deal! Also with the monthly international post some smaller packages could skip customs.

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    Glad to finally have a quarterly shipping option to save some $$$. I still don't understand how they can charge sales tax on shipping.

    Now if only they would allow us to combine early access items with sub shipments. It really irritates me as a subholder that I had/will have to pay roughly an extra $10 in shipping for each of the following, to the tune of $70+:

    1. The first month of Filmation sub shipping separate
    2. SDCC items
    3. Sky Sled
    4. Weapons Pak
    5. Castle Greyskull (not looking forward to this S&H charge)
    6. Strobo
    7. Spirit of Hordak

    It really seems to me like they are spreading out the non-sub stuff to get those extra shipping charges in...

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