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Thread: Vintage figures "degrading" breaking up over time???

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    Vintage figures "degrading" breaking up over time???

    There is probably a thread already but I'm wondering what will happen to my vintage figures over the next decade for us collectors,

    The issues I can see are breaking leg bands, plastic cancer (sticky or colors bleeding like my patchy clamp champ), is there anything else to consider?

    We are spending a hefty sum on some of these figures, is it all a waste?

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    Yeah and it seems some figures are worse than others. Webstor and Tri-Klops, I swear are the #1 offenders when it comes to sticky legs. Stinkor and Spikor almost always have 1 twisty leg. I think there are some who have aged pretty well. TC Skeletor and Clawful come to mind. Will be interesting to see some of these guys when we are all old and still playing with toys.

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    Depends on where it was mfgd maybe, with different materials? I had a very sticky Malaysia Beast Man, but no problems with the Taiwan models. Clawful and Buzzoff seem to have good elastic in the legs.

    As far as leg rubber goes, I just fix those anyway, it's so easy I don't consider it a problem.

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    It seems that plastic problem ("virus" and stickiness) can be seen (not always) on Malaysian figures...and stickiness seems to be related to the condition where figures were stored.
    The only problem that can appear in Taiwan figures are black legs on the upper part close to the loincloth.
    Breaking legs rubber is the most common in Italian figures (no country marks, and they were sold only in Europe)...the rubber is whitish translucent and just fall apart over time.
    But the worst problem is in latest French figures with rubber boots...because rubber also becomes dry and start to crack and falling apart when you touch it (this might be related to contact with water).

    Anyway, I am sure that themost of vintage figures (even 30 years older) will still last longer than MOTUC based on quality.
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    The main issue I've encountered is bowed legs and the paint turning colors on roboto and two-bad.
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