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Thread: Sun Man, Speclatron, Warrior Beasts, and other Knock Off Figures For Sale

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    Sun Man, Speclatron, Warrior Beasts, and other Knock Off Figures For Sale

    Here are a few "extra" figures I'd like to sell. Certainly not giving them away, but shoot me a PM and we can talk and make something work. Let me know if you have any questions and I get back to you with some answers.

    1. Pig Head (Sun Man Line)-100% complete and tight joints. Shield does not have the back handle but it fits onto his thumb so he can hold it still
    1a. Pig Head (Sun Man Line)-No weapons, loose legs but can stll stand, and seemingly a color variant (light pink color, no painted tusks, eyes, or nostrils) Cool figure
    2. Wolf Warrior (Warrior Beasts Line) 100% complete and tight joints. Perhaps a custom pelt? Amazing figure!
    3. Venum (Speclatron Line) 100% complete with weapons in original baggie-SOLD
    4. Warlod (Warlord Line)-100% complete and tight joints (Just off the card) Does have a little schmutz on the head wings
    5. Wolfman (Galaxy Heros Line) No weapons

     photo photo4_zps3749f8ce.jpg
     photo photo18_zps00db754e.jpg
     photo photo3_zpsf2452a1b.jpg
     photo photo15_zpse46a7ff0.jpg
     photo photo17_zpsa1351d65.jpg
     photo photo16_zps64e7f0a1.jpg
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    PM sent on a couple of figures.

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    I think Wolf Warrior is wearing Grizzlor's hide!
    My sell/trade list - vintage 80's toys - adding stuff all the time!

    My feedback thread.

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