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Thread: Answers to WTFWTK 2.102!

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    Quote Originally Posted by chuc98 View Post
    As far as the answer to the 5th question goes…I'm guessing either Modulok, Rio-Blast, Multibot or Extendar.
    All of these would be sooo nice! I really want Extendar, but I think it's Modulok since he would be such a unique tool,etc....

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    "Overtake" That is the key word... it is going to be a huge sized figure... Bigger than everyone else!!!
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    I struggle to imagine how they could beat Shadow Weaver or Procrustus or even Goddess in the 'cool' factor for reveals.

    Maybe a collapsable Horde Trooper or Robot Knight figure that ejects springs, sprockets and robot junk when 'smashed' - which seems very unlikely given the standard buck that's in use.

    Modulok is a cool character no doubt, but there should be no surprises in how he works so I just don't see him being a cooler reveal than what we have had before.

    A Strongarm figure with some sort of expanded arm might be cool and unexpected.
    Rio-Blast will be interesting to see how he's done!
    A Dragstor with functioning rip-cord (just how we remember it) would be totally unexpected!!
    Kulatak Elder with multiple heads and armor pieces for army building or indeed similar with Ceratus for Caligar army building would be excellent!

    TG is setting himself a high bar!

    RyDell:"Overtake" That is the key word... it is going to be a huge sized figure... Bigger than everyone else!!!
    You could be right that overtake is the key word ... could this signal Dragstor is the 'cool' character? Overtaking characters with his speed?!

    Is TG known as a Dragstor fan?
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    Quote Originally Posted by darkmoon766 View Post
    These may be the best answers to any matty Q and A I have ever seen. Concise, positive, informative, seemingly caring answers on all levels. Yay PR!
    You're welcome! just kidding!

    Sorry, had to pretend the question chooser was the reason for the good answers.

    Anyway, back in reality, I too am happy with the answers. Modulok does seem like the front runner for the SDCC reveal, but I'm hoping there are more great reveals than just the "big one". Two-Bad and some of the other core folks from Filmation would be nice. And since TOD Sorceress was done as a homage to the vintage mini-comics character, I'd LOVE to see a mini-comics/DC comics Adam. TG would have the opportunity to explain why he changed outfits and transformation processes.

    I'm glad for no more 3-packs. The hard hit to our wallets (in one shot) and the fact there doesn't seem to be any more trios to make, makes this a good idea.

    I'm glad they see the small head issue as well. With the fans informing Mattel of these constructive criticisms, it looks like they will take them to heart and ensure it doesn't happen on future figs they have the ability to change/correct.

    What comic came with TRU Skeletor? A reprint? Please advise my friends. I'd love to check it out and see the connection.

    Again, with the articulation restrictions, constructive criticism seems to be the way to go in order to get Mattel's attention.

    Can't wait to see the next set of answers and the "round up" answers as well!
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    I think it's Two-Bad Two heads are better than one. The paint scheme, upper torso design, and two heads could be a challenge....I think he'll be the star of the show.

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    I think it would be awesome to
    have January Glimmer February Two Badd, March Lizard Man or Madame Razz or Scorpia, quarter 1 Modulok quarter two Filmation Hordak with Imp or a rebellion girl with Loo-Kee.

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    I'm guessing Modulok would have all the pieces included to form the Filmation version - which would be awesome as I like both versions.
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    The one figure to blow us away?

    That's easy: INFLATOR

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    ...more than just 1 good one coming at SDCC.

    It's more like 3 major wanted figures if you ask me from my point of view.

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    Quote Originally Posted by JVS3 View Post
    To bottom line this one, we actually only ever had 2 “Three packs” planned, even in our original 2017 master road map. Both Star Sisters and FFM were put as three packs because it just didn't make sense to offer them as singles. If we had offered for example just Tall Star as a single monthly fig, fans would likely be upset over not "completing the team". Since both SS and FFM were teams of 3, it just made sense to offer them as 3 packs. But given the fan feedback that 3 packs are a bit too expensive, we won't be planning anymore at this time anyway. We only ever had 2 different three packs in the master plan and when we reorganized 2014 and 2015 based on rising costs, we did not add any more in.
    If I remember correctly - we know that the Fighting Foe Men were not part of the 'original road map' and were kind of stuck into the line (which is great because I love them). But if this is true, when Scott says; "we actually only ever had 2 'Three packs' planned, even in our original 2017 master road map." & "We only ever had 2 different three packs in the master plan..." - does that mean there was originally a second three pack other than the Star Sisters in the original road map that they have dropped since remapping to 2015??? If so who could they have possibly been?

    Any thoughts?

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    "Yes, there is one figure in particular that will possibly overtake every other fig we have ever done. It is that cool."

    Pants officially pooped. And I cannot wait to see this particular reveal. Only 3 weeks left!
    Harken the coming of Dragstor!!

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