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Thread: After Effects help

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    After Effects help

    anyone know if it's possible to target glow an area ? I only know basics. I'm trying to get the hands to glow, and the area behind him...

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    I have no idea what program you are using (is After Effects the name of it?), but you can get a glow effect cutting and pasting with things like Photoshop. Are you looking for a fast and easy way to do it (which my way really isn't)? Do you have cut, paste and blur effects?
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    it's been a while since i used it last, so some of my advice may be a little inaccurate.

    i'm guessing by the screenshot that you're trying to recreate the 80s tmnt intro? and that you want some kind of glowy smoke stuff coming out of his hands? if so, it's going to be pretty time consuming, but it's totally doable as long as you've got time and patience.

    the best way to go about it is by creating a solid color shape. you will want to pick which frame to start the animation and draw the shape in that frame. conversely, you can start on the LAST frame you want the glow to appear, working your way towards the beginning. the shape can be as simple or complex as you want. it all depends on how much time and effort you want to spend on it. if you want to animate this glow as hamato yoshi opens his hands, be sure to add a bunch of points to this shape. you may not need them immediately, but you might need them as you change the shape of the glowing area. and it's way better to add them now as opposed to when you're halfway through animating everything.

    i don't remember if after effects will automatically do this or not, but make sure the layer you're working on is expanded on your timeline. to the left of the name of each layer, you'll see a triangle. in the screenshot you provided, it's pointing to the right. click it to expand a menu of adjustable options. there should be a set of options for a mask. you'll want to work with the mask's shape. when you see this option, there should be a stopwatch icon. if you click that, you'll see a diamond appear in the timeline at your current time. as you move around in the timeline, you can add or subtract keyframes by clicking on a diamond icon to the left of the stopwatch.

    when you've got the shape done for your first frame, go to the last frame (or first frame if you started at the end) you want the glow to appear. add a keyframe and then adjust the shape of your mask until you're happy with it. at this point you can scrub through the timeline to see how it looks. if you aren't too happy with the results, and you probably won't be with only two keyframes, you will want to add another keyframe in the middle and tweak the shape of the mask again. scrub through the timeline again to check the results. later, rinse, and repeat until you're happy with everything. the main thing to remember during this process is to add keyframes about halfway between other keyframes. you'll generally get the best results this way.

    there are exceptions though. for example, if your guy's hand is closed on frame 1, halfway open on frame 10, and completely open on frame 30, you would be better off adding a keyframe on frame 10 instead of 15. basically, just animate the shape so that it complements the footage.

    now to add the glow effect. to be honest, you can add the effect at any point after you've made your shape layer. i just prefer to get the animation part out of the way first. the glow effect is under "stylize" i think. add it to your shape layer and you can adjust a bunch of options. the main ones to focus on are glow radius, glow intensity, and glow colors. adjust these as you see fit. you can fool around with the other options, but these three are the simple to figure out and adjust. the cool thing is that after effects will allow you to add keyframes to pretty much any option that has a value. so if you want a glow that gets bigger and brighter as time passes, you can easily do it.

    this is probably all a big rambling mess, so you'll have to forgive me. i haven't been able to come onto these boards very frequently lately, but if you're having difficulty with any of this, feel free to PM me. you could also just reply on this topic, but i can't guarantee a speedy response. again, it has been a while since i've messed with after effects, so there are bound to be some details i missed or got wrong. but i'll try to help as much as i can.

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