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Thread: The 4H on Monday's episode of Cake Boss!

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    The 4H on Monday's episode of Cake Boss!

    That have a new line of old 80's figures and they wanted a Cake done for them....

    The Power Lords.

    I know it's not exactly MOTUC related but since they are sculpting the line....

    But I remember thinking....hell a MOTUC cake would be awesome to see!

    And talk about advertising, that would make some great advertising.

    Mattel should have Buddy make them a cake to celebrate something and make MOTU the theme using MOTUC figures.
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    Wow, that should be a good bit of advertising for the Fab four and the Power Lords line; I hope someone plugs Store Horsemen.
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    This is being talked about in the Power Lords thread, so not sure it it shoud be merged there or not.

    This event happened back in January at their Toypocalypse event for Toy Fair. I was there along with Val (you can see Val in the background at one point, and the top of my head from behind some people...heh).

    We got to eat the cake, and it was quite delicious! Looked pretty incredible in person, too. They did a great job on the little Power Lords scattered across the top of the cake!
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