MOTU Haves:

1. Whiplash: No weapon and tail has a small rip where circled (it has been glued).

2. I also have Orko coins! I have the yellow Skeletor, blue MAA, and blue He-Man.

3. Battle Cat saddle in overall good shape but the end of one strap has some bite marks. No holes or anything.

4. Also a Snake Mountain voice changer thingy. Comes as shown. Does not work.

POP Haves:

She-Ra: Comes as shown.

Roughed up but complete Bo figure: Elasticity is gone and some paint rubs. Heart beat works fine.

non-cash Wants:

Snake Monuntain Chains (either 2 that aren't broken or 1 that's broken)

Blade's swords

Netossa Sheild

Stratos Wing (left one as you are facing him, red).