View Poll Results: How did your June 2013 figures what shape?

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  • Octavia: Package issues

    5 6.94%
  • Octavia: Figure issues

    16 22.22%
  • Octavia: Paint issues

    10 13.89%
  • Octavia: Missing pieces

    0 0%
  • Octavia: Wrong pieces

    0 0%
  • Octavia: Condition was Satisfactory to Perfect

    52 72.22%
  • Spirit of Hordak: Package issues

    1 1.39%
  • Spirit of Hordak: Figure issues

    2 2.78%
  • Spirit of Hordak: Paint issues

    2 2.78%
  • Spirit of Hordak: Missing pieces

    0 0%
  • Spirit of Hordak: Wrong pieces

    0 0%
  • Spirit of Hordak: Condition was Satisfactory to Perfect

    28 38.89%
Multiple Choice Poll.
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Thread: Condition of your June 2013 Figures, in good or bad shape?

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    Condition of your June 2013 Figures, in good or bad shape?

    How did your June 2013 figures what shape?

    This poll is to determine how your new release or new release DOS / Sub figures arrived.

    Where they damaged?,
    Were they missing something or have wrong parts, or paint problems?

    Not for any re-issues that may be released, only for new original monthly figures. Sub or Non Sub

    And the poll is multiple choice, just so you know, pick all that applies to you!

    June 2013 Figures were:

    Octavia (sub)
    Spirit of Hordak (6/1)
    I will count Spirit of Hordak for those that have bought him at the June appearance(s)....(and will do so for each month he appears)

    Poll choices:
    Package issues
    Was your figures box or card damaged, or the bubbles?

    Figure issues ("Item issues" for Accessory Packs)
    Was your figure damaged, broken, loose joints, bobble head, or apart in the package, ie head popped off etc....?
    "Item Issues" Items damaged, excessively bent....etc

    Paint issues
    Was your figure not painted correctly, or have globs of paint, or spots in wrong places?

    Missing pieces
    Was your figure missing something, arm, head, accessory etc....?

    Wrong pieces
    Did your figure have 2 left legs, or backwards shoulders etc....?

    Condition was Satisfactory to Perfect
    Best looking figure scenario, decent to perfect for packaged display and for loose collectors alike.

    For "Mint In (Sealed) Package" can still vote based on what you see in the package,
    you can tell by a visual inspection, except for a few things, so vote accordingly....and if you are satisfied, choose that option,
    this is how I used to vote as mine were all MISB / MOSC.

    I finally received my sub figure before making the poll....

    She is perfect, except for loose ankles..... When is Mattel going to finally fix that on the damn Women?

    Her package however....the inner bubble was crap and very thin and flimsy, the plastic was shorted (which is funny because it's vacuformed) if you know what I mean....I opened her....and have a second coming for MOSC....hopefully that one the inner bubble will be right.

    I'll post later when my second Octavia arrives.

    I also bought a second SOH for my son, and he arrived perfect, and was perfect when opened....a little looser than I would have liked but overall not horribly loose, but he was for my 3 1/2 year old son, so no real biggie.
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