All are loose, and have been use for display only. Prices dont include shipping. I can post pictures if you want. I do have the boxes but shipping will be more.

6857 Dynamic Duo Fun House 30.00
(missing batman and robin, maybe a few parts.)
6858 Catwoman Catcycle chase 8.00
6860 The batcave 80.00
(it comes with two Batcave sets, so you can build two batcaves, but only one set of Mini Figures.)
6863 Batwing battle over Gotham 32.00
6864 Two Face 30.00
(Missing batmoblie and batman)
76000 Arcitc Batman vs Mr Freeze 15.00
(Missing Aquaman)
4527 The Joker x3 20.00.
30160 Bat Jetski 8.00
30161 Batmoblie 8.00

6865 Captain America Cycle set 10.00
6866 Wolerine Chopper Showdown 18.00
6867 Loki Cosmic Cube Escape 17.00
(Missing a few parts)
6873 Spiderman doc ock Ambush 25.00

7288 Mobile Police Unit 30.00
(missing a few parts)
7741 lego police helicopter 8.00
(missing stickers)