Hey folks! I just wanted to share these quick photos.

I got tired of Evil-Lyn (1.0) and BG Teela lacking their capes, so I finally got around to making custom capes for them. BG Teela's cape, in particular, didn't turn out exactly how I wanted, but it feels better than her running around like a barbarian/slave-girl Sorceress. Also, she just looks more appropriate standing next to King He-Man now.

[NB:For anyone interested, in my canon Teela is not a clone, but rather the biological daughter of the Sorceress Teela'Na and Fisto. Also, once the Power of Grayskull was transferred to the Starship Eternia, and the Twins of Power ventured to Primus along with a group of their allies, the castle itself was left powerless. Nonetheless, Teela continued to protect the ancient ruins, in an attempt to deceive the forces of evil and prevent them from realizing that the power source they had long sought had been relocated. Thus, she carried on a solitary vigil--as her mother before her--until the eventual day when the forces of Skeletor were vanquished and the Twins of Power returned to Eternia.]

BG Teela and Evil-Lyn.jpg
Variant Shelf 02.jpgVariant Shelf 03.jpg