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Thread: New 3D draws ready to print

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    New 3D draws ready to print

    Some draws I like it so much and soon in my collection:
    I-Sor, Attack-O-Lantern, Conda (the bigger Snake-Men), Zealousss, Crotal.

    Great transactions with : Royalt1us, dark knight, masterenglish, TIN, Dagodfather, He-Ryno, Son of Keldor, Sdilks, nemesis154, pain, bobtheodd, joseephus, Patreek, 2-bad, MldMnrdReporter, Facelessone101, Xantor, Mern-Ra, Shenlon, Troy-Klpos.

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    These look awesome! I think Conda is my favorite!
    Top Ten MOTUC wants: Sagitar, Sssqueeze, Great Black Wizard, Fang-or, Dragstor, Peekablue, Skeletor's Skeleton Warriors, Despara, Evil Seed (all era) w/Odiphus, Illumina w/Sleetah

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