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Thread: MOTUC Figures & Bucks For Sale (Including "Vintage Style" Fisto) !

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    MOTUC Figures & Bucks For Sale (Including "Vintage Style" Fisto) !

    The Following MOTUC Items Are For Sale. All Items Are Explained In Detail & If You Have Any More Doubt, Feel Free To PM Me !



    Incomplete Figures :-

    "Vintage Style" Fisto = MAKE OFFER SOLD

    The reason I call him "Vintage Style" is because he comes with a gauntlet left hand, just like the vintage figure ! And it looks much cooler than his original bracer left hand. He is AWESOME with that to be honest !!

    NOTE : This "Vintage Style" Fisto does NOT comes with any of his 200X parts (200X Head, Sword & Belt) as I don't have them. He does comes with his regular sword however. What you see in the pic is what you'll be getting !

    King He-Man WITH Secret Of Skeletor Mini-Comic = $45.00

    The King Staff Is Missing, But I've Included An Extra Regular He-Man Head.

    Fang Man (INCOMPLETE Comes WITH King Grayskull boots, Vikor Sword & Time Portal Wheel) X 2 = $23.00 EACH 1 SOLD

    Cy-Chop (INCOMPLETE - WITHOUT Belt) - $18.00

    Jewel Star (INCOMPLETE) X 2 = $5.00 EACH

    Bucks :-

    King Randor (1st Version) Buck WITH Armour X 2 = $20.00 EACH

    Pre-Fisto Buck (WITH King Grayskull Arms & Boots) - $18.00 SOLD

    Dragon Blaster Skeletor Buck (Some Parts May Have Black Plastic Visibility) X 4 = $13.50 EACH 1 SOLD / 2 PENDING

    Toys R Us Skeletor Buck X 5 = $12.50 EACH 2 PENDING

    BONUS OFFER : Buy All 5 TRU Skeletor Bucks & Get $1.00 Discount Per Buck OR Get 1 TRU Skeletor Buck (WRONG Torso Assembled) For FREE !

    Adora Buck - $12.00 SOLD

    Faceless One Buck WITH Evil Horde Boots - $12.00 SOLD

    Faceless One Buck WITH Prince Adam Boots - $12.00 SOLD

    Fearless Photog Buck Buck - $12.00

    Prince Adam Buck - $13.50 (PIC - Coming Soon) PENDING

    Faceless One Buck (Left Ankle Super Glued By Mattel For Some Weird Reason) - $11.50 (PIC Below) SOLD

    Icarius (Flip Shot) Buck - $10.00 (PIC Below) PENDING

    Hurricane Hordak WITH Armour & Trap Jaw Boots (WITHOUT Arms) - $10.00 (PIC Below)

    Tall Star Buck X 2 - $4.00 EACH (PIC Below)
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