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Thread: And more Figures for sale ( spanish and french versions mostly)

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    And more Figures for sale ( spanish and french versions mostly)

    This is the list that i have:
    1) He-man complete ( no idea where is he from, but looks like a spanish one for the hair, only said: Mattle Inc 1981)
    2) Webstor With gun and chest armor : Made in spain
    3) Triklops complete: Made in spain
    4) Rokkon complete : Made in mexico
    5) Stonedar complete: Made in mexico
    6) Whiplash complete: Made in Hong kong
    7) Ram man Complete: Made in France
    8) Jitsu complete: Made in
    9) Man-e-faces Complete made in France
    10) Modulok Complete made in France (Sold)
    11) Orko: Made in France
    12) Kobra Khan complete: Made in France ( Sold)
    13) Mecaneck Complete: Made in France (Sold)
    14) Trap jaw Complete: Made in Spain ( Sold)
    15) Skeletor complere: Made in Spain
    16) Hordak Made in France, (Legs for repair)
    17) spikor complete Made in France (Legs for repair) ( Sold)

    I am also collecting nes and super nes (NTSC) video cartridges so i could trade also!

    Listening for offers and thanks!

    All the figures

    webstor spain

    today i got more Figures!
    I do have a lot now........ i will clean them tomorrow and i will post them here, i also have a castle grayskull now

    I accept Super nintendo and nintendo NTSC games for trade too!
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