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Thread: Figure Price List or Rarity Guide

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    Figure Price List or Rarity Guide

    Hey there,

    Is there a price guide on how much you'd expect to pay for some figures or indeed how rare they are? I've read the checklists that are out there but they don't indicate this kinda information. Reason being that I want to sell my collection (all MIB that have been kept in a sealed glass case for the last god-knows-how-long) and have no idea how much to expect from selling them.

    There's a pic of them in the background of an interview with me here...


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    Here's a pic of all the figures I have for sale...

    Series 1
    He-Man (Iron Cross variant) (£31)

    Series 3
    Teela (£33)

    Series 4
    Prince Adam (£6)
    Tri Klops (Repaint) (£8)
    Mer-Man (Repaint) (£20)

    Series 6
    Beastman (Repaint) (£12)
    Trap Jaw (Repaint) (£16)

    Sky Strike Stratos (£12)
    Zodak (£13)
    Snake Armor He-Man (£65)
    Serpent Claw Man-At-Arms (£10)

    AFX King Randor (£38)
    Toyfare Faker (Chase) (£35)
    Wizard World Keldor (£58)

    Battle Armor He-Man (£66)
    Rio Blast (£31)
    Snout Spout (£15)
    Evil-Lyn (£72)
    Webstor (£143)
    Stinkor (£63)
    Jitsu (£167)
    Grizzlor (£26)
    Clawful (£35)
    Hordak (£66)

    All items are unopened and in mint condition.

    I've started putting up average/expected prices myself above.

    - - - Updated - - -

    - - - Updated - - -

    The more expensive ones are up on eBay right now.
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    Hi i want to bid on your snake armor he man but want to make sure u ship to the USA

    Let me know


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