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Thread: Derby City Comic Con in Louisville KY

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    Derby City Comic Con in Louisville KY

    Anyone going Saturday? I have tickets but no one to go/hang with.

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    I have two extra tickets...

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    I'm giving them away free if you want to come with...

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    So no ones even going?!
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    What is it?

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    I went to the first one a couple years ago and wasn't impressed. I honestly had no idea they were having it again.
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    Since my wife and I run around Louisville every weekend, we decided to check it out at the last minute.

    Now, I have nothing to compare it to since I have never been to a comic con, but I personally was not impressed. I would also like to note that I am more into toys than comics...which might also have a bearing on my opinion since very few vendors had toys and other merchandise.

    But nonetheless, it is located in a small room of a very large convention center and took us only about 45 minutes walking at a very slow pace. But after spending $24 for 2 tickets and parking I have now experienced my first comic con and my next experience can only go up from here. Lol.
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