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Thread: RockinHard's MOTUC Tournament!

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    RockinHard's MOTUC Tournament!

    This is a lengthy tournament welcome to all posters on

    Please follow the rules of the tournament and do not be rude or nasty. There is no agenda here. Just adding to the love and appreciation of MOTUC. Don't kill mine and others' desire to take part.

    Here are the rules:

    1) Any and all characters, beasts, variants, vehicles, etc. will be pitted against one another one at a time (for example, Zodac vs. Bubble-Power She-Ra), though sometimes there may be two battles! These will be completely random, generated by a list app. Every single release is game, save for figures most of us don't necessarily own or are pointless to include (such as SDCC He-Ro with the sticker on its chest or Spirit of King Grayskull).

    2) You will have around 24 hours to cast your vote for which Classics item you want to win based on which figure you like the best, or whatever reasoning you want. Whenever I say voting is over, which will be around 24 hours (may go a little over or under depending on my schedule), voting is over. You cannot go back and change your vote or add or subtract votes once I say the voting is closed. No exceptions - the tournament must move forward.

    3) Simply cast your vote by posting the character or item you choose from the two listed/shown. DO NOT vote for both, pick one. Pick the item you want to win, not the one everyone else wants to win! Show your passion for the items you love!

    4) All MOTUC items must lose twice to be eliminated. So if your favorite does not win the first time, it will get another chance.

    Be sure to also enjoy my personal pics of each character!

    Round 1 Results:

    Rattlor def. Battle-Armor He-Man, 37-19
    Panthor def. Evil-Lyn, 23-20
    Fang Man def. Buzz-Off, 21-19
    Thunder-Punch He-Man def. Snake Men Warriors, 22-18
    Barbarian Vykron def. Zoar, 21-16
    Castle Grayskullman def. Tallstar, 28-6
    Faker def. Slush Head, 35-14
    Leech def. Color-Change Orko, 36-11
    Procrustus def. DC He-Man, 36-9
    Chief Carnivus def. Dekker, 32-11
    Mer-Man def. Filmation Zodac, 36-7
    Beast Man def. Count Marzo, 36-8
    King He-Man def. Sir Laser-Lot, 24-15
    Trap-Jaw def. Ditztroyer, 41-3
    Adora def. Temple of Darkness Zoar, 36-4
    Granamyr def. Shield-Maiden Sherilyn, 37-2
    Battle Cat def. Queen Marlena, 34-7
    Whiplash def. Jitsu, 25-20
    Clawful def. The Goddess, 30-16
    She-Ra (1.0 Version) def. Snout Spout, 24-23
    Flipshot def. Dawg-O-Tor, 23-15
    Swiftwind def. Weapons Rack, 33-5
    King Grayskull (2.0 Version) def. Filmation King Randor, 27-15
    Moss Man def. Battleground Teela, 31-5
    Webstor def. Megator, 33-6
    Octavia def. Space Ace Vykron, 40-0
    Zoar The Fighting Falcon def. Jewelstar, 26-14
    Optikk def. Spirit of Hordak, 25-20
    Bow def. Clamp Champ, 32-10
    Tytus def. Starla, 24-17
    Tri-Klops def. Battle-Armor Faker, 37-4
    Sorceress def. Battle-Armor Skeletor, 37-7
    He-Ro def. Tank Top Vykron, 26-7
    Mekaneck def. Preternia He-Man, 29-8
    Kronis def. Snake Man-at-Arms, 26-17
    King Hiss def. DC Skeletor, 35-7
    Man-E-Faces def. Demo-Man, 29-14
    Draego-Man def. Spikor, 33-10
    Vikor def. Sy-Klone, 22-15
    Wind Raider def. Mini-Comics Mer-Man, 28-12
    Fearless Photog def. Screech, 27-14
    King Randor def. Karatti, 22-17
    Faceless One def. Mo-Larr, 33-9
    Zodak def. Bronze King Grayskull, 29-13
    Roboto def. Mighty Spector, 35-11
    Mosquitor def. Dragon-Blaster Skeletor, 31-14
    Hordak def. Snake Face, 27-14
    Grizzlor def. Glory Bird, 38-2
    Prince Adam def. Stratos (Toys R Us Version), 31-9
    Strobo def. SDCC King Grayskull, 25-14
    Shadowbeast def. Cringer, 34-5
    Scareglow def. New Adventures He-Man, 30-12
    Shadow Weaver def. Keldor, 37-5
    Ram Man def. Kobra Khan, 26-15
    Man-at-Arms def. Temple of Darkness Sorceress, 37-4
    Skeletor def. Hurricane Hordak, 36-3
    Gygor def. Netossa, 30-17
    He-Man def. Captain Glenn, 46-2
    Orko def. Stonedar, 24-14
    Fisto def. Zodac, 31-8
    Griffin def. Horde Prime, 24-20
    Icer def. Cy-Chop, 32-6
    Shakoti def. Stratos, 23-21
    Stinkor def. Battleground Evil-Lyn 33-11
    Teela def. Palace Guards, 38-4
    Rokkon def. Frosta, 29-18
    Catra def. Bubble-Power She-Ra (She-Ra 2.0), 37-8
    Castaspella def. Wun-Dar, 33-16

    Round 2 Results:

    Orko def. SDCC King Grayskull, 34-12
    Whiplash def. Battle-Armor Faker, 40-12
    Stinkor def. Weapons Rack, 45-4
    Faker def. King Randor, 35-14
    King Hiss def. Dekker, 40-2
    Slush Head def. DC Skeletor, 21-18
    Bubble-Power She-Ra def. Sir Laser-Lot, 29-9
    Shakoti def. Stonedar, 24-20
    Roboto def. Space Ace Vykron, 41-2
    Man-at-Arms def. Temple of Darkness Zoar, 42-1
    Beast Man def. King He-Man, 37-5
    Webstor def. Octavia 27-21
    He-Man def. Demo-Man, 36-12
    Buzz-Off def. Queen Marlena, 27-14
    Frosta def. Zoar - The Fighting Falcon, 39-6
    Draego-Man def. Kronis, 39-5
    Prince Adam def. Optikk, 24-20
    Alcala Skeletor def. Darkling, 26-18
    Megator def. Shield-Maiden Sherilyn, 27-12
    Griffin def. Palace Guards, 25-17
    Hordak def. Mekaneck, 24-19
    Skeletor def. Jewelstar, 40-3
    Mosquitor def. Snake Men Warriors, 26-14
    Rattlor def. New Adventures He-Man, 31-11
    Bronze King Grayskull def. Tank Top Vykron, 27-17
    Karatti def. Battleground Teela, 23-22
    Clamp Champ def. Darkling, 33-12
    Sky Sled def. Starla, 35-8
    Scareglow def. DC He-Man, 45-2
    Battle Cat def. Horde Prime, 40-6
    Count Marzo def. Mini-Comics Mer-Man, 28-17
    Swiftwind def. Chief Carnivus, 33-15
    Panthor def. Batros, 25-23
    Netossa def. Color-Change Orko, 30-11
    Sy-Klone def. Screech 31-10
    Ram Man def. Granamyr, 33-15
    Kobra Khan def. Captain Glenn, 41-4
    Fang Man def. Sky High, 35-9
    Evil-Lyn def. Alcala Skeletor, 24-19
    Leech def. Thunder-Punch He-Man, 22-15
    Strobo def. Shadowbeast, 19-18
    Wun-Dar def. Zoar, 22-19
    Shadow Weaver def. Preternia He-Man, 34-1
    Spirit of Hordak def. Hurricane Hordak, 21-20
    Sorceress def. Snake Man-at-Arms, 28-9
    Gygor def. Barbarian Vykron, 28-14
    Adora def. Procrustus, 24-18
    Zodac def. The Goddess, 29-12
    Wind Raider def. Snout Spout, 30-11
    Mer-Man def. Stratos (Toys R Us version), 35-2
    Icer def. She-Ra (1.0 Version), 25-16
    Temple of Darkness Sorceress def. Glory Bird, 34-5
    Vikor def. Filmation Zodac, 27-12
    Grizzlor def. Mo-Larr, 35-2
    Batros def. Battle-Armor He-Man, 19-17
    Horde Troopers def. Ditztroyer, 29-8
    Catra def. Nepthu, 38-5
    He-Ro def. Castle Grayskullman, 25-18
    Lord Dactus def. Filmation King Randor, 22-21
    Mantenna def. Faceless One, 35-4
    Moss Man def. Flipshot, 33-6
    Kowl def. Mighty Spector, 20-19
    Battleground Evil-Lyn def. Cy-Chop, 25-11
    Snake Face def. Keldor, 30-11
    Jitsu def. Tallstar, 34-9
    Spikor def. Stratos, 24-19
    Bow def. Dawg-O-Tor, 37-7
    Trap-Jaw def. Tri-Klops, 31-12
    Teela def. Lord Dactus, 34-7
    Zodak def. Battle-Armor Skeletor, 21-20
    Fisto def. King Grayskull (2.0 Version), 39-2
    Cringer def. Dragon-Blaster Skeletor, 24-19
    Sky High def. Kowl, 21-13
    Man-E-Faces def. Nepthu, 37-1
    Horde Troopers def. Tytus, 36-3
    Castaspella def. Sky Sled, 21-18
    Mantenna def. Fearless Photog, 39-2
    Clawful def. Rokkon, 26-16

    Round 3 Results:

    Octavia def. Cringer, 36-7
    Gygor def. Flipshot, 27-16
    Snake Face def. Barbarian Vykron, 37-6
    Fang Man def. Megator, 32-11
    King Randor def. Wun-Dar, 26-13
    Skeletor def. Karatti, 28-2
    Hordak def. King Grayskull 2.0, 29-1
    Man-E-Faces def. Chief Carnivus, 34-6
    Procrustus def. Batros, 23-17
    Spikor def. King Hiss, 27-12
    Battle Cat def. Ram Man, 29-12
    Mosquitor def. Zoar - The Fighting Falcon, 43-6
    Rattlor def. Vikor, 32-17
    Fisto def. Frosta, 29-8
    Buzz-Off def. Prince Adam, 26-7
    Sky Sled def. Kronis, 29-3
    He-Ro def. Alcala Skeletor, 18-13
    Stinkor def. Count Marzo, 36-6
    Catra def. Slush Head, 29-16
    Moss Man def. Roboto, 25-12
    Jitsu def. Tytus, 30-7
    He-Man def. Battleground Evil-Lyn 30-4
    Clawful def. Zodak, 25-12
    Clamp Champ def. Fearless Photog, 25-8
    Mer-Man def. Faceless One, 32-1
    Netossa def. Spirit of Hordak, 24-18
    Wind Raider def. Orko, 25-15
    Trap-Jaw def. Sorceress, 35-4
    Beast Man def. Sy-Klone, 34-2
    Grizzlor def. Draego-Man 23-22
    Teela def. Bronze King Grayskull, 44-1
    Scareglow def. Icer, 28-13
    Man-at-Arms def. Kobra Khan, 28-5
    Sky High def. Strobo, 19-12
    Mantenna def. Faker, 30-10
    Leech def. Kowl, 30-10
    Evil-Lyn def. Adora, 24-21
    Whiplash def. Swiftwind, 30-12
    Webstor def. Rokkon, 30-14
    Tri-Klops def. Lord Dactus, 33-8
    Temple of Darkness Sorceress defeats Bubble-Power She-Ra, 23-19
    Panthor def. Castaspella, 24-23
    King He-Man def. Shokoti, 16-14
    Mekaneck def. Castle Grayskullman, 32-10
    Horde Troopers def. Bow, 28-15
    Zodac def. Shadowbeast, 22-14
    Granamyr def. She-Ra (1.0 Version), 28-12
    Griffin def. Thunder-Punch He-Man, 24-21
    Shadow Weaver def. Optikk, 33-12

    Round 4 Results:

    Roboto def. Gygor, 28-6
    He-Ro def. Strobo, 22-6
    He-Man def. Ram Man, 25-15
    Battle Cat def. Griffin, 42-4
    Sky High def. Netossa, 24-22
    Stinkor def. Grizzlor, 17-8, and Sorceress, 17-7 (Triple Threat Match)
    Hordak def. King He-Man, 27-7
    Icer def. Adora, 19-17
    Mantenna def. Jitsu, 25-8
    Whiplash def. Procrustus, 25-8
    King Randor def. Prince Adam, 23-9
    Draego-Man def. Horde Troopers, 26-15
    Tri-Klops def. Clawful, 34-14
    Moss Man def. Octavia, 29-19
    Shadow Weaver def. Swiftwind, 28-6
    Wind Raider def. Leech, 29-18
    Mer-Man def. Spikor, 38-7
    Zodak def. Temple of Darkness Sorceress, 19-18
    Catra def. Sky Sled, 21-16
    Fisto def. Vikor, 23-10
    Webstor def. Bow, 29-10
    Trap-Jaw def. Shokoti, 41-2
    Mosquitor def. Fang Man, 25-18
    Beast Man def. King Hiss, 40-2
    Snake Face def. Panthor, 21-20
    Zodac def. Faker, 20-18
    Skeletor def. Granamyr, 23-16
    Teela def. Mekaneck, 27-12
    Orko def. Castaspella, 21-17
    Scareglow def. Buzz-Off, 27-15
    Rattlor def. Evil-Lyn, 25-21
    Man-at-Arms def. Man-E-Faces, 28-10, and Clamp Champ, 28-3 (Triple Threat Match)

    Round 5 Results:

    Beast Man def. Grizzlor, 33-5
    He-Man def. Fang Man, 25-12
    Skeletor def. Sky High, 32-2
    Webstor def. Gygor, 29-6
    Orko def. Griffin, 21-16
    Leech def. Catra, 21-18
    Mantenna def. Zodak, 35-3
    Scareglow def. He-Ro, 31-7
    Stinkor def. Draego-Man 22-21
    Panthor def. Wind Raider, 23-20
    Tri-Klops def. Hordak, 31-11
    Horde Troopers def. King Randor, 25-13
    Mosquitor def. Shadow Weaver, 20-18
    Fisto def. Icer, 25-12
    Man-E-Faces def. Clawful, 28-10
    Moss Man def. Rattlor, 25-19
    Mer-Man def. Snake Face, 36-8
    Battle Cat def. Roboto, 45-4
    Trap-Jaw def. Man-at-Arms, 26-16
    Teela def. Whiplash, 28-14, and Zodac, 28-7 (Triple Threat Match)

    Round 6 Results:

    Beast Man def. Leech, 37-5
    He-Man def. Catra, 27-12
    Panthor def. He-Ro, 27-13
    Mantenna def. Orko, 30-17
    Trap-Jaw def. Webstor, 35-12
    Man-E-Faces def. Wind Raider, 24-18
    Hordak def. Rattlor, 24-17
    Mer-Man def. Horde Troopers, 38-6
    Moss Man def. Stinkor, 25-18
    Fisto def. Shadow Weaver, 24-19
    Whiplash def. Mosquitor, 26-16
    Man-at-Arms def. Scareglow, 30-16
    Tri-Klops def. Teela, 27-16
    Skeletor def. Battle Cat, 27-18

    Round 7 Results:

    Mantenna def. Mosquitor, 41-6
    He-Man def. Panthor, 31-5
    Hordak def. Whiplash, 26-17
    Fisto def. Webstor, 25-21
    Mer-Man def. Skeletor, 27-21
    Trap-Jaw def. Stinkor, 29-14
    Tri-Klops def. Moss Man, 23-21
    Beast Man def. Scareglow, 25-20
    Man-at-Arms def. Man-E-Faces, 36-10
    Battle Cat def. Teela, 30-15

    Round 8 Results:

    He-Man def. Tri-Klops, 26-21
    Beast Man def. Hordak 31-10
    Trap-Jaw def. Battle Cat, 31-13
    Skeletor def. Moss Man, 34-7
    Mer-Man def. Fisto, 29-12
    Mantenna def. Man-at-Arms, 20-19

    Round 9 Results:

    Trap-Jaw def. He-Man, 26-24
    Skeletor def. Beast Man, 26-19
    Mer-Man def. Mantenna, 30-16, and Fisto, 30-3 (Triple Threat Match)

    Round 10 Results:

    He-Man def. Beast Man, 27-25
    Trap-Jaw def. Mantenna, 23-20
    Skeletor def. Mer-Man, 25-22

    Round 11 Results:

    Trap-Jaw def. Mer-Man, 25-21
    Skeletor def. He-Man, 25-23

    Round 12 Results:

    Trap-Jaw def. Skeletor, 28-25

    Current Standings (wins-losses-draws):

    Trap-Jaw 12-0-0 WINNER!

    Skeletor 10-2-0 eliminated

    Mer-Man 9-2-0 eliminated
    He-Man 9-2-0 eliminated

    Beast Man 8-2-0 eliminated
    Mantenna 8-2-0 eliminated

    Fisto 7-2-0 eliminated

    Tri-Klops 6-2-0 eliminated
    Hordak 6-2-0 eliminated
    Battle Cat 6-2-0 eliminated
    Moss Man 6-2-0 eliminated
    Man-at-Arms 6-2-0 eliminated

    Mosquitor 5-2-0 eliminated
    Panthor 5-2-0 eliminated
    Whiplash 5-2-0 eliminated
    Webstor 5-2-0 eliminated
    Stinkor 5-2-0 eliminated
    Man-E-Faces 5-2-0 eliminated
    Scareglow 5-2-0 eliminated
    Teela 5-2-0 eliminated

    Leech 4-2-0 eliminated
    Catra 4-2-0 eliminated
    He-Ro 4-2-0 eliminated
    Orko 4-2-0 eliminated
    Wind Raider 4-2-0 eliminated
    Rattlor 4-2-0 eliminated
    Horde Troopers 4-2-0 eliminated
    Shadow Weaver 4-2-0 eliminated

    Grizzlor 3-2-0 eliminated
    Fang Man 3-2-0 eliminated
    Sky High 3-2-0 eliminated
    Gygor 3-2-0 eliminated
    Griffin 3-2-0 eliminated
    Zodak 3-2-0 eliminated
    Draego-Man 3-2-0 eliminated
    King Randor 3-2-0 eliminated
    Icer 3-2-0 eliminated
    Clawful 3-2-0 eliminated
    Snake Face 3-2-0 eliminated
    Roboto 3-2-0 eliminated
    Zodac 3-2-0 eliminated

    Strobo 2-2-0 eliminated
    Ram Man 2-2-0 eliminated
    Netossa 2-2-0 eliminated
    Sorceress 2-2-0 eliminated
    King He-Man 2-2-0 eliminated
    Adora 2-2-0 eliminated
    Jitsu 2-2-0 eliminated
    Procrustus 2-2-0 eliminated
    Prince Adam 2-2-0 eliminated
    Octavia 2-2-0 eliminated
    Swiftwind 2-2-0 eliminated
    Spikor 2-2-0 eliminated
    Temple of Darkness Sorceress 2-2-0 eliminated
    Sky Sled 2-2-0 eliminated
    Vikor 2-2-0 eliminated
    Bow 2-2-0 eliminated
    Shokoti 2-2-0 eliminated
    King Hiss 2-2-0 eliminated
    Faker 2-2-0 eliminated
    Granamyr 2-2-0 eliminated
    Mekaneck 2-2-0 eliminated
    Castaspella 2-2-0 eliminated
    Buzz-Off 2-2-0 eliminated
    Evil-Lyn 2-2-0 eliminated
    Clamp Champ 2-2-0 eliminated

    Cringer 1-2-0 eliminated
    Flipshot 1-2-0 eliminated
    Barbarian Vykron 1-2-0 eliminated
    Megator 1-2-0 eliminated
    Wun-Dar 1-2-0 eliminated
    Karatti 1-2-0 eliminated
    King Grayskull (2.0 Version) 1-2-0 eliminated
    Chief Carnivus 1-2-0 eliminated
    Batros 1-2-0 eliminated
    Zoar - The Fighting Falcon 1-2-0 eliminated
    Frosta 1-2-0 eliminated
    Kronis 1-2-0 eliminated
    Alcala Skeletor 1-2-0 eliminated
    Count Marzo 1-2-0 eliminated
    Slush Head 1-2-0 eliminated
    Tytus 1-2-0 eliminated
    Battleground Evil-Lyn 1-2-0 eliminated
    Fearless Photog 1-2-0 eliminated
    Faceless One 1-2-0 eliminated
    Spirit of Hordak 1-2-0 eliminated
    Sy-Klone 1-2-0 eliminated
    Bronze King Grayskull 1-2-0 eliminated
    Kobra Khan 1-2-0 eliminated
    Kowl 1-2-0 elminated
    Rokkon 1-2-0 eliminated
    Lord Dactus 1-2-0 eliminated
    Bubble-Power She-Ra 1-2-0 eliminated
    Castle Grayskullman 1-2-0 eliminated
    Shadowbeast 1-2-0 eliminated
    She-Ra (1.0 Version) 1-2-0 eliminated
    Optikk 1-2-0 eliminated
    Thunder-Punch He-Man 1-2-0 eliminated

    SDCC King Grayskull 0-2-0 eliminated
    Battle-Armor Faker 0-2-0 eliminated
    Weapons Rack 0-2-0 eliminated
    Dekker 0-2-0 eliminated
    DC Skeletor 0-2-0 eliminated
    Sir Laser-Lot 0-2-0 eliminated
    Stonedar 0-2-0 eliminated
    Space Ace Vykron 0-2-0 eliminated
    Temple of Darkness Zoar 0-2-0 eliminated
    Demo-Man 0-2-0 eliminated
    Queen Marlena 0-2-0 eliminated
    Shield-Maiden Sherilyn 0-2-0 eliminated
    Palace Guards 0-2-0 eliminated
    Jewelstar 0-2-0 eliminated
    Snake Men Warriors 0-2-0 eliminated
    New Adventures He-Man 0-2-0 eliminated
    Tank Top Vykron 0-2-0 eliminated
    Battleground Teela 0-2-0 eliminated
    Darkling 0-2-0 eliminated
    Starla 0-2-0 eliminated
    DC He-Man 0-2-0 eliminated
    Horde Prime 0-2-0 eliminated
    Mini-Comics Mer-Man 0-2-0 eliminated
    Color-Change Orko 0-2-0 eliminated
    Screech 0-2-0 eliminated
    Captain Glenn 0-2-0 eliminated
    Zoar 0-2-0 eliminated
    Preternia He-Man 0-2-0 eliminated
    Hurricane Hordak 0-2-0 eliminated
    Snake Man-at-Arms 0-2-0 eliminated
    The Goddess 0-2-0 eliminated
    Snout Spout 0-2-0 eliminated
    Stratos (Toys R Us Version) 0-2-0 eliminated
    Glory Bird 0-2-0 elminated
    Filmation Zodac 0-2-0 eliminated
    Mo-Larr 0-2-0 eliminated
    Battle-Armor He-Man 0-2-0 eliminated
    Ditztroyer 0-2-0 eliminated
    Filmation King Randor 0-2-0 eliminated
    Mighty Spector 0-2-0 eliminated
    Cy-Chop 0-2-0 eliminated
    Keldor 0-2-0 eliminated
    Tallstar 0-2-0 eliminated
    Stratos 0-2-0 eliminated
    Dawg-O-Tor 0-2-0 eliminated
    Battle-Armor Skeletor 0-2-0 eliminated
    Dragon-Blaster Skeletor 0-2-0 eliminated
    Nepthu 0-2-0 eliminated
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    Very cool! Hopefully this means new deathmatch pics!!!!

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    Who are the first of the First round?
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    Round 1

    Battle-Armor He-Man

    Picture122 photo Picture122.jpg



    Picture309_zps57af9614 photo Picture309_zps57af9614.jpg
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    Ok, well.....I'm going to go with......Rattlor for this one. Never been a fan of classicized BA He-Man.

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    Rattlor is an awesome figure, but I like BA He-Man too....damn....


    Gotta go with my rankings for figures I have....

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    Wanted....Entrapa, Double Trouble, Light Hope, Filmation Hordak & Clawful

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    Rattlor this round
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    Battle Armor He-Man

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    Rattlor! I have always been a huge fan of this Snake Man. Battle Armor He-Man is not my cup of tea because he doesn't wield a sword.

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    Rattlor for me.

    But it was tough. BA He-man was my first He-man.

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    Battle Armor He-Man for me.

    I don't mind the missing action feature, as I recall the barrel chests proved to be less durable than desired in the long run. Love the 4H's added detailing to the armor, too!

    Never liked the Snake Men all that much (Tung Lashor being an exception), but I DID enjoy Rattlor's action feature. Although it is recreated well enough here, it does lack some pizazz. Also, mine doesn't rattle very much, and that makes me sad.

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    BA He-Man in a neck-and-neck race!
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    Battle Armor He-Man

    *nice pics btw
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    I vote Rattlor
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    Rattlor gets my vote as well.

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    I vote BA He-Man, I never owned Rattlor as a kid.

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    Rattlor for the win.

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    BA He-Man. He was my second MOTU figure as a kid and my default He-Man for the longest time.

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    Rattlor wins this round for me Cooler figure IMO!

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    I've got to go with Rattlor on this one.

    His color scheme and pattern are quite striking!!
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    Ugh. Vintage Rattlor gets my vote.

    The Blonde Teela (Battleground and Alcala Teela) Thread
    The Cloak and Dagger Evil-Lyn (The Real 200X Evil-Lyn) Thread
    MegaGearMax's 200X/MYP Screen Grabs

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    Definately Rattlor.
    First off - he was my very first action figure!
    His awesome color sceme makes most other figures look bland next to him.
    Also he's the leader of Hiss' army. A quick, powerful and intelligent foe of pretty high intelligence and tactic skill (based on MYP). The MOTUC Rattlor is one of my top three MOTUC figures - no chance this might change

    Rattlor for the win!
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