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Thread: Rough I know but let me know if you want more.

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    Rough I know but let me know if you want more.

    They were all dead to begin with. Adam thought the line, modified a bit to fit his situation. His mother had told him the story, though she admitted to having abridged it quite a bit. It was a story from her home world, Earth, and revolved around a man name Scrooge. He had liked the redemptive qualities of the story, but it had been his mother’s soothing voice which had entranced the young Prince Adam. Queen Marlena had been beautiful and caring, and if he tried hard enough he could hear her sweet, sweet voice. But he had to try hard to hear the soft voice of his mother over the cracking of her bones, and the evil laughs as she was tortured by Skeletor and Evil-Lynn.
    And it was not just his mother that was gone now. They were all dead. They were almost all dead. There was one, maybe two, that had survived Skeletor’s last attack on the Eternian palace. The Sorceress, Teela-Na, had abandoned them when she realized the fight was not going the way she had hoped. She was gone long before Teela, Adam’s friend and lover, was killed by the evil Mer-Man. He had seen the life fade from her blue eyes. He had seen Mer-Man toss her from the Jaw Bridge of Castle Grayskull into the Abyss by which the castle was surrounded. The Sorceress, Teela’s own mother, did not see what Skeletor’s troops did to the so-called Masters of the Universe.
    The other that was unknown was Stratos, the bird man. He had long been an ally of King Randor and Queen Marlena, but he had his own people to think of. He could have escaped back to Avion, back to his own people. At least, Adam had never seen Stratos’ body after the Battle for Grayskull.

    He was reminded of this every day when he walked into the palace throne room and sat upon his father’s throne. It was his place. He was now King Adam, as little as he liked it. The throne was gold, but dingy and dull from years of neglect. The scarlet carpet, like the throne, had once been sublime, but had since grown old and threadbare. At his feet on the dais laid Cringer, the old green and orange striped tiger. Once the two had been best friends, but like a loveless marriage, they stayed together now out of habit rather than loyalty.
    Behind and above Adam, locked in a transparent case, was the most disappointing item in the room. The sword of his youth. The sword the Sorceress had presented to him with much fanfare. The sword he had thought would never let him down. The Sword of Power now hung, still stained with the blood of his final enemies, and as far as he was concerned it would never leave its protective housing.
    This was the Eternia that was left to him, not by King Randor. This was the Kingdom as left to him by Skeletor, his sick, demented, and evil uncle. Randor had never told Adam about his relation to the demon skeleton, not until the end. Not until they had chased Skeletor all the way to the gates of Grayskull. Not that it changed anything at that point.
    This new Eternia was a land full of disappointed people, who would have torn the still young King Adam to pieces. They blamed him for the failure of The Masters of the Universe, and why not. It had been his fault. He had failed. He-Man had failed.

    “No.” He said loudly from his seat, startling Cringer. “He-Man did not fail. It was the Sorceress that failed.”

    He heard Cringer whine as if to say, “Not this again.”

    “Shut up you old flea ridden sack of bones. I should have boiled you for stew ages ago.”

    Cringer stood slowly, his bones cracking as he stood and began to slink to a safer spot. He too remembered the good days, when he and Adam had been special. He had hated the transformation, but he missed the feeling of the armor, and the feeling of power. Mostly though he knew it had been the love of all of their friends, and that of Adam specifically, that had given him the power and bravery to face the foes of their past.
    Adam turned to the Sword of Power, and eyed the old, pitted blade. He had believed then that the blade of that sword could never be damaged, and until the Sorceress’ last disappearing act he had been right. He had turned Skeletor away from Castle Grayskull without the sword’s magic. He had done it as himself, not the superfluous He-Man. He, Adam, had saved Eternia even if he could not save his friends.
    As he had these thoughts he knew them to be lies, and he slumped back into the padded seat of his father’s throne. He had saved nothing. Skeletor had done what he wanted and had gone of his own accord. Skeletor never wanted to rule Eternia; he wanted to destroy it, and with the destruction of Castle Grayskull he had done just that.

    “Your majesty.” Said a small, squeaky voice from the giant, public entrance. It could only be one person, the only other person left in the palace. The Trollan, Orko.

    “What is it, Orko?” Adam asked angrily from his seat. “I do not have time for your foolishness today.”

    “No, Majesty.” Orko said as seriously as his squeaky little voice would allow. “This is not foolishness.”

    “Then what is it?”

    The diminutive blue creature cowered back at the roar of anger from his King. “King Adam. Skeletor is here.”

    “What do you mean Skeletor is here?” Adam asked sitting forward. “Why would Skeletor be here? Did he not accomplish what he wanted last time?”

    “I don’t know.” Orko said shyly. “But he approaches the palace. Evil-Lynn and Trap Jaw are with him.”

    Adam stood slowly and looked at the tiny magician, another of his former friends. He too had survived the assault on Castle Grayskull, but he had not been there so that was nothing Adam could hold against him. He saw the truth in the cowering Trollan’s eyes, the only thing he could see beneath the cloak and broad brimmed hat he always wore.
    “Cringer. To the battlements.” Adam ordered the old, half lame beast. “If it is a fight Skeletor wants. Then he will get it.”
    Adam’s words sounded almost like they had back when things were good in Eternia, but the sound was deceiving. Adam had once fought only to protect his people and his friends from the evil ones. Now, he desired a fight only so that he could die on his feet with his sword in his hands. For the first time in many years, he took the Sword of Power down from its place of honor, and held it in his hands. It still felt natural there, as though all of those wasted years had been erased. He wanted to hold it high and feel the power of the sword coursing through his body yet again. But, with Grayskull and The Sorceress gone, he knew it would be a waste.
    He jumped from the dais to the marble floor with its scarlet carpets and ran for the secret door to the right of the dais, followed closely by Orko. Cringer, slowed by arthritis and age, followed at a sedate pace behind the others. He remembered the way to the battlements as well as Adam.

    “King Adam.” Screeched the high pitched voice that Adam still heard every night in his dreams. “I have returned to Eternia to take my rightful place upon its throne.”
    Adam slid to a halt and peered down at the palace gates. There stood the trinity of Eternian evil, and they did not seem to have aged a day since the last great battle. Skeletor still wore the purple hooded mantle and battle harness that Adam remembered. By his side he held the Havoc Staff, the ram’s headed staff that had always lived up to its name. “Why would you want to sit upon the throne of Eternia? You have destroyed everything that was ever good about the kingdom.”

    Skeletor laughed his exposed bones clicking unpleasantly. “Exactly. I have destroyed everything that your father built. I have killed those who defended the palace and have banished the Sorceress from her stronghold inside Castle Grayskull. You do not deserve to be King. Your father did not deserve to be King. I am the only one of our family strong enough to weld the power of the crown and the sword.”
    Adam looked closer. Skeletor, once his father’s brother, was wearing a jewel encrusted sword belt from which hung the other half of the Sword of Power. “Of course.” Adam said to Orko. “He wants my sword. That is why he has returned. He has found the half that was banished into the Dark Dimension by The Sorceress.”

    “Oh, no.” Orko said beginning to shake as he floated next to Adam. “You can’t let him get it.”

    Adam slapped Orko hard with a backhanded blow that drove the Trollan into the stone wall of the palace. “I know that. But without the Sorceress I cannot become He-Man. I can’t fight with Skeletor as myself.”

    “Adam, I am willing to let you walk away.” Skeletor said from the gate. “Put your sword down and leave with nothing more than the clothes on your back, and you shall live. Do not leave and you shall die.”
    With that Skeletor lifted the Havoc Staff with both hands above his head and shouted a few well chosen words. Adam did not understand the words for they were in the ancient language of magic, but he understood the resulting blast of power that issued from the ram’s crystal eyes and exploded the wooden door of the palace.

    “Soon I shall possess both halves of the Sword of Power. Then no one will be able to stop me.” Cried Skeletor as he stepped through the destroyed gate followed by his equally evil henchman and woman.

    Adam wished all of his old friends were here to help him now. Teela, Duncan, Ram-Man, Stratos, and of course The Sorceress. Adam would have even taken help from his sister Adora, but she too had lost her powers when Grayskull had fallen. She was alive, he supposed, but in hiding. She had her own enemies to deal with. He had never been this afraid when they had all been together, and he was able to turn into He-Man.

    “I guess this is it, Cringer.” Adam said as he helped Orko up from the heap of robes and hat he had become when he hit the ground.

    “Man-at-Arms would fight them.” Orko said. “And he was not He-Man.”

    “But Duncan had trained all of his life to be a warrior. Teela too. I was just a prince. I never trained to become He-Man.”

    “Training or not, they would want you to fight.” Orko said, blowing a wet raspberry from behind his robes. “This is your chance to be more than He-Man. You can prove to everyone that King Adam is no coward.”

    “But King Adam is a coward.” He said brandishing the Sword of Power at the Trollan. “I am not He-Man. I don’t have the power.”

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    Seems to me that Prince Adam does not change into He-Man anymore after being crowned King.
    Quite sad, ain't it?
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    Interesting! I love dystopian future stories. King Adam is so angry, a shadow of his former self. I'm curious to see where you take this.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Neophron View Post
    Seems to me that Prince Adam does not change into He-Man anymore after being crowned King.
    Quite sad, ain't it?
    I think he will get back to being He-Man in the course of the story.

    When I write about subjects that are well known I like to turn the stories on their He-Man with a self-confidence problem or Dorothy Gale as the villain instead of the hero.

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