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Thread: request for Bootleg visualisation

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    request for Bootleg visualisation

    Hi Folks

    this is a request to all those gifted artist on the .org

    since there are so many pieces in the Classics bin, I wanted to see how the old Bootlegs or license Toy from our beloved Toyline would look in Classics style. But I'm less talented to make these, than my brain would like to.

    So I Start with my favourite Character - Platino from Fuerza-T
    If I could customize him he would be made out of the following
    - Head: NA He-man
    - Armor: King Randor without the cape
    - Right arm/hand: Two-Bad
    - Left arm/hand: He-Ro
    - Boots: Dekker
    - Weapon: Vikor Axe or the Custom King Randor Axe I once saw here on the Forums

    And in my vision he's the youngest Son of King Miro. On his journey to bring back the daughter of his Brother and now ruling King Randor.

    If someone here in the Forums can help me by his talent in creating this via Photoshop or just by mix and mash the parts(I don't have any(only have the 2014 sub)) it would be nice if one can post his creation here on the forums

    thx Schwammhorn

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    People on the org have made Classics versions of Fuerza-T, you just have to look for them.

    For example
    Take a look at my attempts at coloring

    and if you get the chance

    Check out my Deviant Art Gallery

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    yes you're right, but most are with other parts. Not what I had in Mind.

    If there is someone who could help me or give me some good advise how to do it easy by myself, that would be nice. for example easy to use freeware for creating the Figure .

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    GIMP is a good freeware tool, similar to Photoshop.
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    These should help if your wanting to build the Fuerza-T figures in classics.

    I have a thread dedicated to both the Heroes and Villians.



    Also Kevin Kosse on facebook has some more custom made heads for the Fuerza-T figures for classics also. Look into those!

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    I can post a couple of easier ones:

    Guana, Zardus and both versions of Gecko and Rama from Remco's Warrior Beasts all have the same 'recipe':
    Standard (He-Man) Torso, Thighs, Upper Calves, Biceps, Belt, Loin Cloth & Shoulders
    Tri-Klops matching Bracers
    Eldor's Boot tops, Icer's Feet, Fang Man's hands
    And original heads.

    The only difference with Skull Man is that he would use 'gloved' hands (Hordak's?) and would need a cape, but his original head could be made by just repainting Skeletor's.

    the rest of the Warrior Beast are a bit more difficult due to the lack of scaly/furry forearms with bracers and there not really being a belt to match Snakeman/Wolf Warrior/Hydraz's belt. But my recipe for Stegos would be:
    Whiplash Torso
    Rattlor shoulders & Legs
    Tung Lashor feet, Draego-Man's hands, Snake face's biceps, Tri-Klops matching bracers
    Original head

    In theory you could swap the Snake Face/Trip-Klops parts with Rattlor and Draego-man equivalents, but Draego- Man's bracers are very different to the simple style used in Warrior Beasts.

    Is this what you meant OP?

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