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Thread: Gbagok's Unnofficial MOTU FAN CHARACTER bios

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    Gbagok's Unnofficial MOTU FAN CHARACTER bios

    Hi All! For a long time now I wanted to pay tribute to the many fan characters created here at the org. I thought about including these in my regular Unofficial bios thread, but I figured that if people wanted to post their characters or other art based on any of these characters it would be easier to do everything in a new thread. I've been meaning to post these since New Year's, but I've been busy with a lot of things and I didn't want to post anything until I had at least a second wave close to completion. I have several more waves started and planned, so if you don't see a favorite yet, more are coming over the next year. In the meantime I want to thank Patreek, Sllohcin, Iceman, 2-Bad, Gatchagrey, and Sky Breaker for creating these memorable characters!

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