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Thread: Castle Grayskull Hinge Refurbishment

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    Castle Grayskull Hinge Refurbishment

    Hi all, a couple of weeks ago I asked if anyone had any advice on reinforcing the weak hinges of castle grayskull. Well I came up with a solution which has worked really well. They’re stronger than they ever were. My particular Grayskull is one of the first ever made (stamped 1981) this model had a weaker hinge design than subsequent models. Mattel added strengthening ‘ribs’ to the hinge tabs as they must have had kids breaking the first design type. I prefer the look of the original Greyskull as it’s paint colours are more defined. the black was later used all over the front of the ‘face’ making it look too dark in my opinion.

    The hinges were pretty weak and would have snapped right off if they were left as is.

    So I bought some metal brackets from Bunnings (Australia’s version of Home Depot) which were the right width.

    I bent them with a hammer to suit the curves of the hinges

    then put a rubber backing on each one using double sided tape. (I cut up an old silicone pot holder). I didn’t want the metal bracket to sit directly onto the 30 year old plastic as I was afraid it might cracked once screwed on.

    I then taped, marked holes and drilled, being careful not to use too much pressure on the fragile plastic.

    I then used nuts, bolts and washers being careful not to over-tighten

    With all the brackets screwed on, things looked a bit ugly so I found a two part epoxy putty at the local hobby shop which dries as hard as rock but can be shaped when wet.

    I shaped the putty between the original hinge and the new bracket which doubled the thickness of the hinge

    And finally, I mixed up some 'Grayskull green' and painted over the set putty and the screw heads on the front.

    The hinges are now stronger than they ever were and the modifications blend fairly well with the look of the original design.

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    Plastic hinges like those on Castle Grayskull are quite easy to snap.
    But it is better for the hinges to be replaced with metal ones.
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