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Thread: Masks of powers

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    Masks of powers

    So i was thinking about the masks of power, and how we were given to different stories to what they are and what they did, looked like and such. Then i thought about if any more masks could have existed or what could be considered as a mask of power, or who created them. i was looking thru the first Power and honor book, and remember this guy, Maskra, a prototype , from the original series.
    What if he was an Ancient robot that could not be affected by the powers of the masks therefore was tasked with making death Mask of Powerful beings in order to trap their powers within the masks so they cant be taken by others. The Masks of power that we know of are
    Masks of power (mini comics)
    masks of power mini comics.jpg

    Masks of power (filmation)

    Others that could be considered as Masks of Power

    Lord Masques Demon Mask

    Red Shadows Mask
    red shadow1.jpg

    Catra's Mask (although i remember it having some sort of backstory from the episode "Magicats")

    am i missing any. What do you think of this theory?
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    I prefer the mini-comic Masks of Power.
    I never heard of that prototype figure Maskra before but I guess you're not missing anything, facet.
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