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Thread: The grenadier figures, selling lead to children?

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    The grenadier figures, selling lead to children?

    Ok, so I can't be the only one bothered by this... so back in the 80's mattel let a licensee (in this case grenadier) make official figures, which were made of, or at least contained lead...

    As most of you probably know, lead is a very serious threat to children's health and development.

    As you also probably know, children put everything within reach in their mouths (those of us who collect vintage figures probably have ended up acquiring motu figures with byte marks at least once). Needless to say, lead figures + children playing = lead figures in children's mouths.

    I was hoping mattel had pulled them off the market after finding out they contained led, remember how it was with barbie only a few years ago? but after searching for such thing, I found nothing, the reason for them being so rare as far as I know is because few sets were made, apparently grenadier was a small company.

    Finding out about these grenadier figures was pretty disappointing some years ago, and actually I felt guilty for buying a figure even after finding out about it.
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    Miniatures were most often cast from lead until 1993, and were intended for older kids (who played the games they went with), who wouldn’t be prone to putting them in their mouth (we hope)!

    It doesn’t seem to be lack of concern for children, but just a sense of who the product was to be for.

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    Pretty much ALL miniature manufacturers were casting their figures in lead until the switch over to pewter/white metal alloys in the last couple of decades. As Streamside pointed out, roleplaying/wargaming miniatures are/were not marketed/intended for young children, and I believe the recommended age commonly used was 13 years or thereabouts.

    Grenadier had been making miniatures for collectors and hobbyists for a long time, and I'd be very surprised if the MOTU miniatures had in any way been aimed at younger kids to buy. Grenadier was not a small company, certainly not an international giant like Mattel, but in the gaming world, they were up there (they produced figures for Dungeons & Dragons amongst other properties). As with a lot of the character figure set runs they did, they made them for a while, then moved onto other things, presumably when the rubber molds started to degrade meaning a loss of detail (or maybe the license expired, or both!).

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