Actually Gilgamesh, the WB He-man figure I won from ebay over a year and a half ago had marked on his back Mattel 1981 Mexico. The figure was in every way authentic if we follow Daivd's description of his figure and therefore not a custom or repaint. Where the figure is now : My brother, a Captain in the Army, was excited for his wedding day to come a week after Christmas 2001. Well, unfortunately, or fortunately as the case turned out, his fiancee bailed out for another guy behind his back, leaving him alone and sad for the holidays. So, I flew down to Texas and put a black faced Grizzlor and that WB He-man in his stocking. Sure enough the Power of Grayskull picked his spirits up and neither Skeletor nor the evil finacee could wipe the smile from his face that day. He-man wins again, even if he was sporting brown hair that time.