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Thread: The mysterious Savage He-Man variant formerly known as "Wonder Bread He-Man"

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    There are some similarities between Savage He-Man and another rare figure that Mattel produced in the early 1990s - the "Save Blinky" Bart Simpson. It was a repainted figure offered via mail-order from Mattel's brief line of Simpsons toys in 1990. Only a handful of figures are known to exist. There is only one known promotional coupon/flyer for the figure that's known to exist as well. The coupon asked for 3 UPC symbols and the coupon to get the free figure.

    The address was PO Box 3072, City of Industry CA. Is this the same address that is on the coupon that;s associated with Savage He-Man?

    I mention this because the figure was part of a promotion with Child World/Children's Palace which has been mentioned in this thread as a possible source for the Savage He-Man.
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    hot linking this from another site

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