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Thread: Doink RIP

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    Doink RIP

    Matt Osborne , 55.......underrated wrestler imo
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    I still remember seeing this stupid clown way up in the stands at wrestling events on TV. Every week he was there! You'd see him in the background handing out balloons to kids while the match was going on.

    Then he was annoying wrestlers. Then he was fighting them.

    Probably my favourite intro for a new character because it was so subtle!

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    Back in the day, I hated Doink. I liked the "Kona" Crush gimmick, and thought he was a rising star. Then came WrestleMania 9 (one of the worst WrestleMania's ever). Crush lost. I was crushed (pun intended). Doink went on with the momentum, and had a good early-mid '93, then they turned him face sometime after SummerSlam. Terrible idea in retrospect.

    I watch 1993 Matt Borne/Doink's matches now, and see he could actually wrestle, minus the clown costume and terrible build. His KOTR qualifying matches versus Mr. Perfect were classics. The evil clown gimmick was definitely risky, and I see why they turned him face, but I wonder if Doink came just a few years later with that, say '96 going later into the edgier stuff. Doink would have needed to have morphed into a darker version (somewhat like his ECW run), and could have been a major player come '97 or '98. Who knows.

    Doink's face gimmick killed the edge of that character. Along with being replaced by other wrestlers (like Ray Apollo). Too bad, because we never got to see Matt Borne realize the potential of such a strange yet unique gimmick.

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    just now seeing that.


    i liked doink.

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    I liked Doink. I remember seeing him and Dink here in Green Bay in the 90's. I think they were terrorizing Lex Luger if I'm not mistaken. Good Times.

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    That's sad to hear Doink was one of the wrestlers that I remember from early 90s era he put on a good show like a lot of the 80s/90s era.
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