Not sure what to do with these cards, but i want them to go to a good home. let me know if you are interested in any of them.

I am willing to sell as a whole lot, but also willing to break apart. not sure on worth, so i will let you guys name your price!

92 Cable hologram - Xmen card
92 Hulk hologram - Marvel card
92 Thing hologram - Marvel Card x2
92 Ghost Rider hologram - Marvel Card x2
92 X-men Card hologram - Xmen Card (XH-5)
92 Venom hologram Card- Marvel Card x2
92 Magneto Hologram - xmen card (xh-4)
92 wolverine hologram card - xmen (xh-1)
94 Wolverine crippled fleer ultra x-men card
91 FF vs MoleMan hologram #h-5 marvel card
91 spiderman hologram marvel card #h-1
92 gambit hologram x-men card XH-3 x-men cards

they are all in individual hard card cases

pm, or write me. let me know. thanks!