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Thread: Figures to sell at cost...

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    Figures to sell at cost...

    Hey, guys...

    I got two 2013 subs to help the line and have a few extra figures I'm looking to sell. Not looking to make a profit on them, simply looking to make back the money I spent. As you know, each figure costs $25 at the subscriber price. Shipping and handling for a single figure is $9.90 and tax for a single figure is $3.14. The total comes out to $38.04. What I'd like to do is sell each at $35 plus shipping costs. I don't know what the shipping costs are at the top of my head, but I imagine it ranges between $5-$10. We can discuss whichever shipping option you prefer. If local to Los Angeles, we could arrange for a time you could pick up the figure and the shipping cost would be waived. If you want more than one figure, I can go a little lower than $35.

    The figures I have to sell are the following:

    * Octavia
    * Fang Man
    * Clamp Champ
    * Jitsu
    * Karatti
    * Netossa

    Then, of course, are the remaining 2013 figures that I'll have doubles of:

    * Castaspella
    * Lord Dactus
    * Geldor
    * Plundor

    I also have an extra She-Ra from earlier years (the original release), as well as 4 Adoras. And if anyone is interested, due to a Digital River error, I ended up with two orders of clam shells when I only wanted one. The prices for these would also be whatever the prices were at cost.

    Everything, of course, is in mint condition and in their white mailer boxes.

    These are all great figures and I'd love for them to go to true MOTU fans. Please drop me a line if you're interested in any of these. Happy to ship anywhere in the US, but folks local to Los Angeles would be ideal since it would cut out the whole shipping issue altogether.

    Hope to hear from you guys!

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    PM sent for Fang man and the Champ

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    PM sent.
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    Holy!!! I lost clamp champ, nobody sleeps here?

    Thank you so much to my partners of for helping me to get MOTUC figures:

    My Sell/Buy/Trade Feedback

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    Need that Fang Man
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