Chapter 1

It is a terrible night, dark and stormy. Lightning crackles, thunder rolls. Adam is asleep, but it is a troubled sleep. He tosses, turns, and moans as if plagued by a bad dream, which indeed he is.

There is a tremendous thunder clap. A dark figure is silhouetted by a shimmering dimensional gate. In his right arm is a weapon, extended out. In his left arm is a baby, crying.

“You may have defeated us but you will never see this child again!” With a cruel laugh, the figure fires his weapon and steps into the dimensional gate which swiftly closes and disappears.

There is another tremendous thunder clap. “No!” Adam jerks up in his bed, a cry on his lips.

He awakens before the beam lances him, the laughter of the figure still echoing eerily in his mind in the stillness of his bed chamber.

Adam shakes his head, shaking off the nightmare. “A nightmare. Nothing but a—”

“Adam? Adam, you must come to Castle Grayskull immediately, it’s very important!” The Sorceress interrupts his thought, telepathically.

“I’ll be there right away!”