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Thread: Active duty and Veterans get to see White House Down for free tomorrow, July 4th

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    Active duty and Veterans get to see White House Down for free tomorrow, July 4th

    They even get to bring a guest!

    While I haven't heard the best things about the movie, it's a nice gesture to allow a veteran or . Some friends and I are going to see the film tomorrow to review it, but thanks to this my dad (a navy veteran) and my mother who are coming into town get to see the movie along with us for free. Check it out.
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    That is cool, the reviews have not been great but its basically a buddy cop movie. So anyone expecting Academy Award acting or solid story should be smart enough to know this won't have it.
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    Well, how nice for Vets. Looks like both my wife and I can go for free, and each bring a friend too? Sweet.
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