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I have seen both the huntara ep. and the house of shokoti 2 parter.... a few times ... and I also want BOTH figures. I've seen every POP episode as well, and I am a fan. I never said every pop fan was female, nor that every motu fan was male .... but the pop property was aimed at female, and every time we have a vote the lesser pop fans show up in droves to vote, like seniors at an election.

I stated I do like huntara, and her episode is good. But this is MOTUC, not POPC and Masque is far more important to the masters story, and epic 2 parter than huntara and her 1 she-ra episode.... but never fear, huntara will win .... even if she isnt the fan favorite.

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She-Ra herself is an after thought .... this is MOTU-C, Huntara is cool, I want her too, but she's episode 45 in a cartoon that only exists because He-Man had such awesome episodes like house of Shokoti.
This line stopped being MOTU-C the moment Adora was announced.

Masque and Huntara both have their own merits. But the idea that casual POP fans who really don't care about the line but want to vote will just rush to SDCC and swarm that panel so that Huntara wins is pretty darn far fetched.