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Thread: Will you buy Nepthu?

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    Will you buy Nepthu?

    Mattel is askin' to choose between Lord Masque and Huntara and we know that they are both high requested.
    There are also a rumor that Nepthu and Plundor will be released this year.
    I saw a lot of support for Plundor and I can understand why (they convinced me and it's in my wishlist since March) but I can't see how Nepthu can go so soon in production... It will be another Chief Carnivus? (and CC isn't so outta place accordin' to me).
    So Nepthu supporters and Nepthu haters let's scream together, do you will buy a Nepthu?
    If you're a subscriber and you're gonna sell it please vote NO!

    Which would you rather have first; Nepthu or Huntara?

    Which would you rather have first; Nepthu or Masque?
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