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I do agree with SM for the most part. The He-Man in the movie will most likely wear armor and pants. If not a full body suit at least half covered. He will not be in a loincloth and harness this time around. Mattel helped design a super suit for a reason. I'm not saying the current DC version will be the final design but that is where He-Man is headed. 200X had him covered more at the end, the toys had "clothed" repaints, and now the comics have him covering up. I am not sure what is going to actually happen with the toys when the film does come about, but i truly believe Mattel is looking at a different version of He-Man.
I've pretty much given up hopes of getting a MOTU movie that would be anything like what I want. I see what trade-offs Mattel is making/allowing with the comics, and I see the mentality/philosophy of the bios, and it's not MOTU to me. I don't think Mattel has the guts to put He-man in true barbarian gear up on screen. Too much money to lose and they just don't believe in the property as is.