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Thread: Need Some Help: Sight Planning

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    Need Some Help: Site Planning lasted ten years. 1995-2005. Eventually I got bored with it. I talked to everyone I wanted to talk to.


    Now the challenge is simple. How to re-invent it.
    First challenge, how to update news. What programs are out there? Blogger won't take a .org name, so that is out. I need something that's easily accessible. I don't think I will do a bulliten board this time around..too much hastle, and to much work. I want to focus on news, content, and weird items I spot around the web.

    that means, it needs to have video posting well as image ones..
    it'd be nice to have a tri-fecta of, and I don't have the talent to get the design side of it up and running without help...

    thanks for any ideas

    - edit also, anyone know what news posting software uses? IF I could replicate that look, it'd work fine

    - - - Updated - - -

    well, it's up and the question is, how can I make it look good?

    anyone have any experience with drupal design?
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