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Thread: What main factor do you use to determine Filmation character importance?

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    What main factor do you use to determine Filmation character importance?

    When it comes to determining which Filmation characters you want in MOTUC, what do you find yourself measuring by the most?

    Is it the number of appearances that had in the episodes? Is it their overall "look" or character design? Is it the significant role they had in the show? Is it gender? Is it faction? Or, is it something else completely?

    True, some times it may be all of these. But, think hard and ask yourself, which is the one that you consider most when wanting a figure?

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    Nice question!

    For me, overall character design. The figures are avatars of my imagination and it comes down to can I make them work in the factions and stories I see in the MOTU-verse.

    Established canon is great, but ever since I was a kid I made my own stories and did my own thing. I approach them the same way as an adult.
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    Awesome question! Way to delve into our psyche King T! Ok, for me it's a combination of things. The character's episode. The impact the character made on me. Was he/she memorable. Did they do something of importance? If they were a villain were they a true threat? What did they accomplish? How do they compare to the other characters. If they were a good guy, what was the impact. Finally do I still remember seeing them as a kid and would 5 year old me want one. That's what drives my choices.

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    How they look of course !!

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    To me its you have it or you don't. Is the character cool or not. An example is Plundor, he may be a giant pink rabbit but he was from another dimension where that could be the norm. He is sadistic, evil, greedy, and no morals for anything. He also has done more evil damage than Skeletor has done. That makes him cool to me. So you either have or you don't.
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    Quote Originally Posted by He-Dad View Post
    Awesome question! Way to delve into our psyche King T! Ok, for me it's a combination of things. The character's episode. The impact the character made on me. Was he/she memorable. Did they do something of importance? If they were a villain were they a true threat? What did they accomplish? How do they compare to the other characters. If they were a good guy, what was the impact. Finally do I still remember seeing them as a kid and would 5 year old me want one. That's what drives my choices.
    Pretty much....should have been multiple choice, as I don't have just one main factor....
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    This is a great question! I actually watched a few episodes last night just to refresh my memory on Granita & Nepthu... For me, it matters how the character drives the story...

    Using characters that have recently caused discussions, I find the following:
    Masque - I watched the Shokoti episode when she was announced. Masque is a cool looking character, but actually has a pretty small part in the episode.
    Huntara - Great She-Ra episode and a very strong, dominant female character.
    Plundor - Campy episode, but he is one mean bunny rabbit! He looks a little silly, but it kind of adds to his charm.
    Nepthu - Interesting character in the episode, but the look is pretty bland. He got way more screen time than Masque did though!
    Granita - Nice to see Stonedar, Rokkon and Granita in the She-Ra episode, but I didn't feel there was anything special to her.

    So, of all these characters, I see Huntara & Plundor as the "preferred" choices in this grouping. I definitely prefer a more story-driven character as an action figure. Of course, I think they all will make cool figures.
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    I think for a lot of people it just comes down to nostalgic connection. If you remember them from when you were young they will most likely rank high for you. Once you get to characters you either don't remember or have never seen it probably comes down to character design.

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    I said other...
    I almost went with with how they look but its more than that. How they are depicted...their voice is a big thing for me. Masque, Huntara, & Mermista are 3 characters i think have the most unique voices.
    Masque while not making the most visual impact has a GREAT voice!

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    To me, the choice is their significance to the story... and what they can bring to the MOTUC Canon and expand the Universe. Let's take Melaktha as an example.
    He's a bland looking design, but his importance to the Story is pretty great! He's an archaeologist, so his role allows him to link the past to the Present. His role can be expanded in the MOTUC Canon by him being the one that suggests the Underground ruins of Tundaria as the hideout for the Heroic Masters when Skeletor became king. He could have been deceived by Evil Lyn when she was looking for Gygor, etc.

    While Nepthu is a bit more Toyetic than Melaktha, he's a dead end looking at it from a storyline angle.
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    Their role / significance to the story.
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    Their importance to the story is the main thing.

    But the number of times they appeared and their design matter greatly as well. Recurring characters are a must have.

    I also think how memorable they are is an important factor in deciding which ones deserve to get "immortalised in plastic".

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    It's a combination of several answers but I chose "Overall character design" aka "How they look" since we are talking about MOTUC classics figures here. Story and appearances and camera time are important too, but not as important as the character's design translated into action figure form.

    Some characters need no background or story whatsoever to be amazing figures. That's the way it was most of the time back in the day and that's the way I like it. That's the reason MOTU was and still is my favorite. The mystery, the fantasy. Everything doesn't need to be explained to me. Everything doesn't need a backstory. Everything gets beaten to death and played out if everything must be explained if you ask me. This is probably the reason I'm not into comics that much at all anymore. I don't even read the new MOTU ones. I may start buying them to look at the pictures though. I like some of the covers. I probably don't like the dialog though.

    I understand people do have love for characters that got a lot of camera time and appearances and that's cool too. ****, I'd buy a 3 pack of the Twiggets. Whatever. MOTUC is my favorite toyline in the past 27 years, I'll buy anything at this point. Even ****ing NA He-Man which I despise. The Four Horsemen even made me appreciate the Space Mutants and they are from NA. I am definitely an NA hater.

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    Their significance to the story first for me but the Number of appearances in the episodes also plays a part. Obviously a great character design helps as well so it's a combination of those 3 things for me.

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    Very good question.

    3. Number of appearances/Story Significance- almost the same thing to me.

    2. Character design- Of course aesthetics are a big part of everything. I also really want characters whose model sheets were used more than once (Sand Demons/Rock Monsters, Cambro, Aroo, etc )

    1. Impact the character had on me as a child- Nostalgia has fueled my passion for this line just as much as my enthusiasm for well-made, imaginative action figures. Plundor, Gleedal, Shokoti, Dragoon, Cambro, Garn, Evilseed, the Starchild and many more are all characters I'll never forget for their own reasons. I want them all.

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    For me, it's a combination of:

    number of appearances, faction, story significance, and "do I think this character deserved a toy, but never got one?"

    a notable exception for me is King Tamusk, simply because even though it wasn't the most significant story, I really enjoyed it, and really liked the character.

    Now, take Nepthu: I like him, and would totally take him--I admit I love the whole Egyptian vibe thing--but honestly there was nothing utterly significant about the character, and it's not like I'm dying to have him or anything.
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    I'm shallow, and not afraid to admit it. It's allll about looks. I will buy a good guy or bad guy, good girl or bad girl, based solely on how they look, their outfit/costume, and weapon/gimmick.

    I could not care less about personality or substance.
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    Had to vote "OTher"

    Because there are two things going on here.

    The second is easy. In She Ra Filmation, I want the Filmation CHaracters, because they were very used, and very important. Major main characters. Bow, Adora, Shadow Weaver, Ect...

    How could any fan not want all these guys?

    As for the first part, it's more ephermial. I just want the guys I always thought were cool. They stood out to me. Dont get me wrong, I notice that all the really top draws in He-Man Filmation were Skeletor faction guys. So that is clearly a factor. I always cared more (evidently) about "real" characters, which to my child mind ment they worked for Skeletor. Cause, you know, Skeletor.

    So Strong Arm, Icer, those were my top 2. I didnt even remember Fang Man, but he is cool looking, and I am very glad to have him.

    BUt heck, I didnt even remember Shokoti until I bought all the dvd collections and the '.org went on and on about wanting her. So now she's a must have, and I agree she alwasy should have been.

    But kid me didnt remember her, or really care about her. I feel I never really caught that episode maybe. Who Knows?

    But I strongly remember Strong Arm & Icer. They both felt like "real" He-Man toy characters.

    Heck, I want that Giant (who's model was used twice once as "the Tingler" though I liked the other version better) just because he was cool, and "used twice" and would have been a cool toy. With He-Man, who knows? It was just stuff that I thought was cool and "official" feeling.

    But yeah, POP is easy. By the time POP rolled around, they were really at the top of their game, and POP is obviously the better show from many important standpoints. They really nailed it so everything unique to it was on the mark, and frankly though I never had any of the POP toys, (so that stuff is irrelivant to me) the toon was the "Real thing" so all of them felt equally important, since toy origins ment nothing to me in SHe Ra

    But toy origins ment alot in He-Man.

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    How they fit into the MOTU story is very important to me. that & what further potential to story & imagination to the mythos of MOTU.
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    Significance to the story but technically almost tied with looks too.
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    I chose, "Number of appearances" option...Hunga the Harpy was in a few episodes of She-Ra mind you.

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    Overall character design for me and also memories I have with this character when I was a little boy

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    Story significance for me, although looking cool helps! Still, I'd love Melaktha, and hes fairly bland.
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    It's all about character.

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    as a biig filmation fan i would have to say its the significance of the story, my own grail zagraz has two appearances, was in the first episode(kinda) and is very memorable after that its how they played in to the story, i want chef allen for skeletors secret of the sword disguise
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