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Thread: Fangman appears in a different media source other then Filmation

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    Fangman appears in a different media source other then Filmation

    As i was looking up characters from a recent poll, i came across something interesting in Brazilian comic #17 with Shezer. It appears that Fangman is along for the ride in this mission with Skeletor, only hes colored green in the one panel they show him. Take a look

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    Huh... that's pretty cool! Also, that Mer-Woman looks great... I wouldn't mind getting her at some point.

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    Great find. Who knew Fangman understood Portuguese?

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    That sub rocks. I want one.
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    Fangman is also in a Panini Sticker book as well. I love seeing these finds, thank you for sharing...

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    A green Fang Man? Looks like another variant to me!! Add it to the list. Quick, someone start an internet petition .
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