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Thread: Picture Page: Photos of Fans - Summer 2013 Edition

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    Picture Page: Photos of Fans - Summer 2013 Edition

    I am going to take the liberty of opening the Summer 2013 Photo Page (since the Spring 2013 page was never closed/ Summer page not opened on June 21, 2013).

    ***To everyone: New pics only, please. No recycling of pics from previous Picture Pages.

    This thread will end and a new photo page will begin on the Fall Equinox on September 22, 2013.


    Here a few pictures from my beautiful scenic walk that I take each morning. Today's walk was 2 hours, 18 minutes and resulted in 7.2 miles. And I apologize in advance if the pictures aren't crystal clear. I am using my cell phone

    The 8% Grade, Category 3 Mountain I live on and walk:

    Some of the old barns I pass by on my walks (BTW I love old barns)

    Pasture land with Mountains in the distance:

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