Hey everyone! I just signed up on the Org to be part of the community. I have been a He-Man and the Masters of the Universe fan since 1983. My first figure was Skeletor, and I still have him, broken legs and all. My favorite vintage figure was Scareglow, because he could glow in the dark. I still remember spending time holding him close to a lamp during the daytime to try and get him "charged," all the while avoiding my parents who would not allow lights on during the day. I would then lock myself with him in the bathroom because it was the only room in the house without a window, and I would stay there until his "charge: ran out. Great memories for me, and seeing that there are so many He-fans out there is awesome.

My wife introduced me to the Classics line this year by surprising me with both a Club Filmation subscription and a Club Eternia Subscription this year (she subscribed when the subscriptions were reopened). I had no idea that they were in production, so I am attempting to build my collection now. Both of my children love He-Man and She-Ra, and they have been playing my action figures and watching the shows on Netflix. I will post from time to time and look forward to taking part in discussions with everyone concerning one of the most thrilling lines of action figures ever produced!