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Thread: A few 200X for sale

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    A few 200X for sale

    I need to make some a little money this summer, so I'm having to liquidate a few of my extra figs. I try to keep the lowest Buy it Now prices, but feel free to message me if someone's got the same item up for less.

    If someone here is interested in just buying all of the He-Related stuff I've got up, I'd do all of them for $750 including shipping to the lower 48 / APO or $750 including $150 towards shipping elsewhere. Message me here if you're interested in that option, so I can avoid eBay's seller fees.

    Here's a few links:
    All MotU
    Loose staticon lot
    Moss Man mail away figure, still in original mailer
    Man-at-Arms, english only card
    King Randor
    General Rattlor

    Message me here or eBay with any questions.
    Thanks, Jesster
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