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Thread: New member from Arizona

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    New member from Arizona

    Hey I have been to the site several times to checkout MOTU related news. Finally decided to create an account and introduce myself. I'm not a huge collector but I am a cosplayer. I may have met some of you a SDCC as He-Man the past couple of years.

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    Beninator!! No way! About time.
    Glad to see you on the boards finally. I look forward to seeing at the con again.
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    Somewhere in your head !!
    Welcome my friend
    I remember you, I had the motu heman jersey on at SDCC and we all took a pic with super man lol

    Welcome aboard my friend !!
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    Welcome to Congrats on joining the greatest place outside of Eternia
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    Welcome Beninator.
    "These are the days of high adventure"

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