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Thread: He-Man's Impact on your childhood and current life?

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    He-Man's Impact on your childhood and current life?

    I know this topic comes up repeatedly, however, with me taking a class on childhood in America, and having to do some kind of 30 minute presentation on something I know I figured He-Man and She-Ra would be a good subject I can focus on. So as the class is about childhood I am asking what impact He-Man had on your childhood and has He-Man impacted your life in regards to career and the like? This is about He-Man only as there is a thread for She-Ra in the She-Ra board. If you do not wish to post it publicly to the boards you are more than welcome to PM me privately. I thank you all for your replies and time.
    Hey Super7 I'm looking forward to what you do for Classics and I'm awaiting these figures!

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    The biggest impact on my childhood was the quality time my sister and I had when we played with our figures. While we had a lot of different toylines, by far, Masters of the Universe was our favorite. She also collected the Princess of Power toys, we had the whole universe . She is 4 1/2 years older than me, and was sorta the leader in creating stories. Some kids would bash their figures together, but we had a lot of complex storylines. I credit her, and our times playing with MOTU toys especially, for the way I turned out intellectually and socially. While we had our normal sibling rivalry, my older sister was my hero. I looked up to her greatly, and Masters of the Universe figures were a way for me to be on par with her on something. I could list each figure that was hers and which were mine. She'd campaign to my parents or relatives which ones we needed. Collecting them all was a lot of fun, and a team effort. We loved the cartoons, and I just have the fondest memories thinking back to MOTU and my childhood.

    Masters of the Universe (as well as several other toylines) also turned me into being a collector. Therefore, a bit materialistic. I'd say that has been a negative, but it's also is good to collect things, get your mind focused on something fun. If you don't have hobbies and interests, you'll go bonkers.

    And the Commemorative MOTU collection turned me into an adult collector back in 2000. When I was 18, I thought back to what made me happy, and it was collecting toys. Saw a magazine called Toyfare about the upcoming Commemorative line, and I became a big kid again. I don't really drink, never smoked, and never did drugs, but I loved toys. If I like something, it's permanent, and that's why I collect the current MOTUC line.. I'm sure no one where I work has any idea I collect toys (nor do several friends), and that's fine with me.

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    My interests in Masters of the Universe, these days, are nothing short of world domination.

    But I think shows 30-40-50 years ago had better human interpretational thought and ethical value.

    Today shows are just a bunch of back-talking.

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    I felt a great connection to the toys and cartoon when I was a kid. The entire series, including both He-Man and She-Ra ran and were cancelled before I was the age of 10. Like many things in my early youth, some of the memories were lost to time, and only resurfaced when I picked up a loose Tri-Klops at a garage sale about 5 years ago. This figure was a catalyst to remembering much of the impact on my childhood that MOTU really had. Before this time, I just didn't think about it.

    One of the things I remember is that this was one of my very first mediums of socialization. I think I had my first He-man figure when I was about 5 or 6, and my best friend, my brother and my cousin also had figures. I would get together and play with them, and we would compare collections, and just have fun. My best friend, who I spent a lot of time with up until the age that we both got out of He-Man and he moved out of town, spent a lot of time with He-Man as a predominant element in our interactions. We are still in contact, and he is my oldest friend, and I spent a few days with him just three weeks ago, and during our reminiscing, we spoke of He-Man, and how we had passed on several of the original 80's toys to our boys as well. I think that at least some of the credit to my oldest and most enduring friendship which has lasted over 33 years now can be placed firmly on He-Man. Too bad we didn't have VCR's quite yet, as we would have been passing tapes back and forth all the time.

    I think He-Man was also my introduction into a little bit of jealousy. I can remember now feeling a bit peeved at the characters that my brother and my best friend seemed to have. For some reason, my parents always bought me good guys and bought my little brother the bad guys. I don't think we ever had a Skeletor either, maybe because the parents thought he was scary, but I digress. I had characters like He-Man, Fisto, Ram-Man, Man-at-Arms and several others. My brother had Merman, Two-Face, Modulok, Jitsu and several others. At the time, I really wanted a bad guy cause bad guys are cool. The only one I ever remember getting was Kobra-Khan. The same thing happened with my best friend. He had Skeletor, Beastman, Tri-Klops, Faker and several other cool bad guys, as well as the good guys too. I can remember this being the first time (at least that I remember) of being truly jealous of what other people had, even though I didn't vocalize it. I don't think this ever put any distance between me and my friends, but it did influence my childhood a bit.
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    I had a great childhood. There are no bad images or feelings during that time, only good.
    I was the oldest child and only had a brother who was 3 years younger. We grew up middle class so we weren't spoiled and we were able to focus on certain toy lines. My brother liked and had his share of MOTU and Star Wars to build our collection but he was never passionate about them like i was. I had a bunch of friends to share my passion with and watch the cartoon while we played with our toys. It was a great time.

    Now I grew up with Star Wars and that toy line is a great one but one thing about MOTU to me is that is was so visually stunning! It is a very colorful group of toys that gives you that rainbow spectrum of colors. It gives you good feelings when you lay your eyes on it. The figures all serve equal importance because they all had a special power. With the star wars line, you had your heroes and villians and then the characters that just sat in the background.
    I didn't start collecting MOTU right away but the fever for them was very close because everyone i knew had them. I remember going to my friends house (who was kinda spoiled) and he had all of the first 9. All the colors and that blue Faker blew my mind. I thought they were so cool and once i got a couple; besides the figures, the mini comics kept me busy for hours. I couldn't wait to read them whenever i got a new figure.
    Some of the friends I grew up with, like me, took care of and kept all the toys they grew up with. As we got older, we established our toy collections and filed in some of the missing pieces like weapons and maybe a figure or two.

    So these things are apart of my life mostly for memories and friends. If i didn't have my photographic memory, i'd be able to let go of them becasue they wouldn't feel as important.

    sometimes they top my love for star wars figures. Star wars can get annoying sometimes. Other times, i feel like i'm just fooling myself and should just accept that MOTU is a more visually appealing and better toy collection than star wars. MOTU has never annoyed me, only mattel has
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    it has changed my life so much , i decided to drop out of skool and skip college, and minimum wage employment , and spend my life searching for the sword of power , after i find it grayskull will be MINE !!!!!! hahahahahhahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahah ahahh

    no not really but i have spent most of my money collecting motu stuff ?

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