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Thread: Do SDCC displays help boost appeal for the brand?

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    Do SDCC displays help boost appeal for the brand?

    With SDCC about to start up again, and the recent discussions of whether New Adventures He-Man sold well or not, I wonder just how much of a role the SDCC displays play when it comes to creating interest in the various branches of MOTUC - specifically New Adventures and She-Ra.

    In the past we've seen all the figures in the line lumped together in a display case that suggests a massive battle between NA, She-Ra and MOTU characters...yet when a figure from the New Adventures line goes up on sale, I suspect (I wonder if?) it's met with a lukewarm reception because folks are unfamiliar with the property.

    Now that there are several She-Ra and NA figures to display, do you think it would help increase their visibility and appeal if they were grouped together in individual, smaller displays, showing the She-Ra gang in battle, and also the NA gang in battle...separately? I for one can't even remember the names of the NA characters released thus far, nor do I know which are evil and which are good, or what their powers are. I probably couldn't even differentiate them from the newly invented MOTUC figures, or some 200X or mini-comic figures! A well-planned-out display would fix that issue, and give me a glimpse at the world of NA that might stick with me longer.

    I'd be curious to hear if there's any data on the effect these displays have at an event as massive as SDCC has become. I'm sure over the years that people who knew nothing about the MOTUC brand stumbled across them there, and had questions...which then lead to purchases.


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    I think it benefits Mattel as much as the brand.

    The Mattel booth draws a big crowd, from what I hear, and it keeps their name in ciruclation. A cool toy is a cool toy, and toy fans may not get caught up in the internal works that one can find via misc websites and such.
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