Hey all!

Well selling this LOS AMOS collection here has been pretty successful, only two left. RAM MAN which is known as the rarest of all LOS AMOS boxed figures (less than a handful known to exist, known to sell at $1000+) and a nice example of Whiplash. Cutting prices in half here as they are the only two we have left. For quicker reply please email crush x @ aol . com

RAMMAN NOW ONLY $500 (previously listed at $1000)

Ram Man - NRFB, front tab unpunched. Minor corner and edge wear.
*Differences to note in figure compared with North American release... Slightly different color shades.

WHIPLASH NOW ONLY $200 (previously listed at $400)

Whiplash - NRFB, window has come loose along bottom, 2 minor tears along window, minor corner and edge wear. One inch crease near back tab. Figure still tied in box.
*Differences to note in figure compared with North American release... Lighter Green Skin Tone, Zodac Blaster instead of Spear.

For reference only... here is a picture of the full collection that has been split up amongst some very lucky and happy members here... (DO NOT CONTACT ME FOR THESE OTHER FIGURES, THEY HAVE BEEN SOLD AND SHIPPED ONLY TWO LEFT ARE RAM MAN AND WHIPLASH)...