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Thread: New Years Resolutions

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    New Years Resolutions

    So, how many of you have kept yours?

    My number one resolution this years was simple. Don't involve yourself in any heated, online discussions. I think I've only broken this rule once so far... these days when people get so offended at the tiniest little comment, myself included, it's not worth the stress waking up the next morning to see who you offended. so, the first order of business was to un subscribe from all the facebook pages I visit where an argument is likely to start out within the first few posts. sadly, this meant about 85% of them where soon gone. But, it IS a lot more stress free online experience.

    That also went to deleting facebook friends who argued with me more than supported or talked to me. I should have done THAT years ago. but it's my nature as a peace keeper to try and stay on everyone's good side, even if it means taking my own viewpoints down a peg or two to get the argument to stop. It's so much more fun to have people you gel with in your online circle than people you argue with. should have done this YEARS ago...

    so, 4 months in, what have you broken?

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    My New year's resolution was lose ten pounds. So far I've gained 5

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    Not to spent some outrageous stuff, but right now my head is saying I need to buy a TV.


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    Never needed resolutions, never made them, never used them...
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    Quote Originally Posted by Benedict Judas Hel View Post
    Never needed resolutions, never made them, never used them...
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    My resolution was to not make any I guess I succeeded and failed all at the same time.
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    I tend to decide to make changes when I realize they need to happen instead of waiting for a new year to start them. I have found part of the reason why for me is I tend to keep them better when I don't track the days or time.

    That and I think people get too hung up when they make a mistake they just give up when they are counting the days.
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