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Thread: MOTU- Anime Style Redesigns

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    MOTU- Anime Style Redesigns

    Hey Everyone,

    I'll be very honest in saying post 200x my interest in He-man took a drastic down turn for a few year. However it gave me an opportunity to hone my skills into a medium I am now very comfortable with & has helped me in more ways than one... The anime style. Working on my webcomic daily has been the greatest experience factor for me in this style & I have received so much love in India & beyond from all the fans of the series. since I'm more confident with the style now more than ever before i just decided to apply it to MOTU & see what would come up.

    Here are a a few for starters. I've been keeping them away for sometime now as I wasn't sure how fans of the line would react to the designs but i guess I'm ready to face anything now. If i ever do more , I'll update them in this thread. I hope you enjoy these. I know a lot of you will like them & apologies in advance to those who don't like this take. It's just my personal effort that i wanted to share. I'm open to any feedback even if it's negative ... Here goes...

    My DA Page is officially online. You can read the Manga in it's entirity there! Hope you give it a try enjoy it.

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    Looks great man! Skeletor and Tri-Klops are particularly good but the others are great too. Very close to how I imagine they could look if another series rolled around.

    My one minor criticism is that He-mans shoulder pads don't look like they attach to anything but that's it Nice use of the NA styled shoulder harness too.
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    Skeletor looks the best, if you ask me.

    He-Mans face compared to little Adams isnīt mature enough even though he has the angry expression. And just to tell you the truth i have never been a fan of teen Adam turns into adult He-Man concept but that shouldīt be your problem

    Triklops details are nice, especially on his back/side where the electronics enter his body and his skin has irritations! Very nice!

    Man-At-Arms looks to flat and not fleshed out enough compared to Skeletor and Triklops…but again thatīs just my impression.

    But you have nice ideas and iīm looking forward to you other redesigns. Thank you for sharing!
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    Very cool stuff, I love to see other artists' effort to give MotU just another spin. So inspiring.

    I'm personally not that into 2002's design - ultra detail, mechanisms everywhere... - but I find this approach working pretty well on your profiles... there's a good balance between hi-tech and 'classic'. Tri-Klops is my fave as well, I like the outfit, the pose, the attitude.

    Looking forward to see more of them. ^_-

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    I'm Liking What I See Here.....

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