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Thread: Didn't Sub in 2013? Are you in 2014?

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    Didn't Sub in 2013? Are you in 2014?

    I'm just curious to see if there are any potential new subscribers coming back or just new subscribers all together.

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    First time this year, Subbing again next year....just haven't bought it yet....
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    I'm NOT "in" for a 2014 sub... as usual.

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    I quit with Spikor. Not planning on coming back for this. I like a few of the figures - Two-bad and Glimmer especially. But most of the rest I could pass on even if I were still collecting. The line really feels like it's getting diluted these days. I understand the core figures are mostly gone, so this isn't me blaming anyone for character selection or design missteps. I'm somewhat underwhelmed by the Filmation (and I love Filmation) and all the c and d listers.

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    Man I want too, but I bought a home and I got a kiddo on the way. Time to budget and buckle down. I am actually, really impressed by Plundor, ha ha, my new guilty pleasure.
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    This is my first year subbing for the full year

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    I have 2 subs now for 2013, but unfortunately have to cut back to 1 sub in 2014.
    I'll subscribe to 2014 in the first week of August
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    Maybe I'll be a subber for the first time in 2014... finally my financial position will change so I'll be on the boat....
    Then I've to find a way to sell all the figures that I don't need... but I think that this 2014 will be fabolous!
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    I'm thinking about subbing again for 2014 as i took a year out last year,after losing money on SS i wasn't prepared to lose more on FFM and couldn't justify over £100 quid for them.
    So far only keeping Two-bad and Modulok so can make money back selling on Glimmer and Hydron(maybe).

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    To answer to the question on the thread title: no. And I won't ever, unless prices go down (which I know won't happen) as with current prices most figures are not worth the price (for me).

    - Joni -

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    Last year was the first year I only bought 1 sub instead of 2. It had it's pros and cons. I didn't get stuck with 2 FFM or Karatti but I had to scramble to get a Clamp Champ and Fang Man. But with reveals like my boy/s Two-Badd and Glimmer and Modulok, I might go back to 2 subs next year. Can't take any chances with the no DOS
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    gonna do the math and see if it's worth the trouble. There's definitely many figures i don't want to miss on this sub!

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    I am really hurtin in the wallet this year on the lie. That is also with only one sub and one filmation sub, I dont make tons of money by any means. I still love this property dearly so I will still find a way to sub next year. Looks like I need some more side jobs.....
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    I hope that anybody on the fence realizes there will be no $75 3-pk this year, like the FFM or Star Sisters. I know those particular packs drew so much flack from many people and caused alot of heartburn for people about their subscription purchase. There won't be one this year. Also, with this being an A-list heavy hitter year, you will not have problems unloading any of the figures you don't want. Everything will be a most wanted character from SOME faction, so if you aren't a fan of that particular faction (NA, POP, etc), then SOMEBODY will gladly take it off your hands. I think this year it's going to be pretty easy to sell off whatever figures you don't want via either ebay or the org marketplace. Just some food for thought for whoever out there is on the fence.

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    I have been on for 3 subs for the past two years... I'm down again in 2014, but only for 1. Finances are finally dictating my hobby budget at 35. So I need 2 new fans to help pick up the slack!
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    Subbed every year but last year. This year I am coming back. Just deciding if I want 1 or 2 subs.
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    I was burned in 2012 by the Star Sisters, so i didn't subscribe last year because of FFM. It seems like i made the right decision so far, but have to do some work to get mantenna, ram man, snake face and horde troopers.

    This year i will be back to getting 2 subs due to two-bad & modulok. Also i dont have to worry about getting rid of FFM or Star Sisters type item.

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    I didn't sub this year but when I missed Fang man I decided to get the lite-sub. I'm subbing in 2014

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    No, I only want Two Bad and Modulok of the 2014 stuff and it's cheaper to buy those two at a higher price instead of subbing. But I understand that the sub is attractive for fans, who like the most stuff...

    And I'm sure this sub will sell good...

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    Didn't sub last 2 years and won't sub next year...
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    I have two subs this year and a Filmation sub, and I got screwed with some characters that I don't like much, although I'm a completest. However I don't need two figures of characters I hate like Plundor, or ones I don't care about like Netossa!... So I'm still debating whether I should purchase two subs or one for 2014! Most likely only one, and get the characters I need two of from a secondary market.
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    Won't sub again unless they do another Filmation sub. However, I do want all the revealed figures except Hydron.
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    This year was my first year subscribing (I'd been a student the other years and just couldn't afford it), but I have 2 Filmation subs, and I'll purchase 2 2014 subs.
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    I have 1 sub & a mini sub this year and I will not be subbing next year.
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    My case is just the opposite. I subbed last year and I am not going to sub for 2014. I only want Modulok and Two-bad so far. And I got the big surprise of Plundor for December instead of Strong arm. I really hate this kind of things. I also hate being manipulated to sub because some figures would be exclusives.

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